Conducting Business in Germany

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Conducting Business in Germany

October 15, 2013

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Introduction 3
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Management Structure 3
Management Style 4
Communication 4
Presentations 5
Meetings 5
Business Attire 6
Entertaining 6
Twenty Tips for Germany 7, 8
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Germany is one of the world’s largest economies and has a leading position in manufacturing and production. In Germany, greater attention is paid to academic, technical education and its value to business world. Knowing how to conduct business properly in Germany is an important key to closing a business deal.
The purpose of this brief is provide the company’s businessmen with some basic information on conducting business in Germany. This brief will cover following information: Company Management Structures, Management Style, Communication, Presentations, Meetings, Business Attire, Entertaining and Twenty Tips for Germany.
Company Management Structure German companies are very structured and that the majority of the power is in the hands of a few senior managers. In the larger companies they do have boards they have a Supervisory Board called the (Aufsichtsrat) which appoints the Management Board which is called (Vorstand). When it comes to these two boards the management board is the final decision maker on policy dealing with management (World Business Culture, 2013). The Supervisory Board has shared responsibility for the overall management of the company. In return this means that the company chairman has less personal power. The smaller companies that do not have a Supervisory Board and a Management Board have a strictly hierarchical approach within which individual's specific roles and responsibilities are tightly defined and…...

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