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explain how the context for traditional marketing is different than the context for social marketing?

The quality and effectiveness of marketing offers can be improved by delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. This can only be achieved through – context marketing. Such information is essential in marketing across all spaces—traditional and social.

Context for traditional marketing is often more static, shows or tells the consumer the message, is sometimes less specific and often constrained by publication and broadcast deadlines. Targeting a specific audience can be done through understanding of demographics of traditional media sources such as magazines, newspapers, radio/tv, and direct mail. These are “conversation starters” and should provide direction/a destination to receive more information.

Social marketing context is more immediate, flexible and measurable seeking to engage audiences in interactive conversations and garnering more information about preferences, actions and more. Social media (or digital) is the new destination—helping to complete the conversation and providing the conduit to connect marketer to audience member.

Holistic marketing (the integration of both traditional and social strategies) should be the goal for most marketers. The goal is to create messages, opportunities to engage and act in both ‘traditional’ and digital media that take a passive audience member to an active consumer of services while maintaining cohesive brand strategies. Context marketing helps improve the quality of marketing offers by making them more meaningful to the consumer, which in turn works favorably towards ROI and customer retention. Context marketing needs to consider historical activities, current state, communicational channel preferences, price sensitivity, and…...

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