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There is an example. Jack's Fruit Company received a purchase order from Yummy Plum Smoothie Shack for the delivery of 100 cases of red plums. Jack has accepted the offer to purchase based on the purchase order in action, as demonstrated when Jack's farmer picked and packed the fruit and immediately sent the shipment out to Yummy's. Upon receipt of the plums, Yummy's accepted the fruit, and it is expected that it will be paid for either on the spot or according to the terms of the original purchase order.

Here is where the mirror image rule applies. When Yummy's received the plums, they must be exactly what was ordered. If the shipment contained peaches or avocados, the contract is void, and Yummy's is not responsible to accept or exchange consideration for the fruit, because it is not what was expected. On a side note, in some states, merely sending a product to another person does not constitute offer and acceptance. The contract is between two parties, and both of them should obey the agreements.


For example, Jackson, a 17 year old boy, passes himself off as an adult and buys a new computer on a payment plan. When his mom sees the computer, she gets angry and calls the store to demand Jackson's deposit back. The store owner has a right to retain Jackson's deposit and hold him to the contract and the payment plan. Then Jackson falsely identified himself as being of legal age to contract for the computer purchase. And for another condition, suppose Jackson bought this computer the day before his 18th birthday. If he does nothing to cancel the contract prior to turning 18, he is obligated to the terms of the contract simply because he did nothing to cancel while he was still a…...

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