Conventional Farms vs. Organic Farms

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Conventional Farms Vs. Organic Farms When explaining to someone the advantages and disadvantages of both conventional and organic farms, it is important to start off with the basics: defining the two. A conventional farm is a farm which uses growing methods which are the most universally used and widespread. Conventional farming is not dedicated to alternative methods of growing foods or raising livestock which means they participate in the use of chemical plant protectant, fertilizers, in addition to heavy animal farming. When describing organic farming, one would say organic farming is a farming method by which farmers develop and cultivate a plethora of vegetables, dairy products, grains, meat and of course fruits. Organic farming was originally developed as a way to reduce the amount of pollution which may be produced. In addition organic farming was also widely used to preserve water and soil quality. The idea of organic farming puts into use the natural methods to avoid any harm to the farming. One of the most notable advantages of conventional farming is un-doubtfully that crop turn out amongst conventional farms is larger than that of organic farms, while at the same time using the same amount of land. Advanced farming tools and machinery are used along side what is considered “sophisticated, aggressive plows” which also assists with the larger sized crops. Because conventional farms are producing mass amounts of crops and livestocks frequently, the prices of fruits, veggies, etc, have dropped considerably which is most definitely seen as a benefit especially in our struggling economy. More people are able to afford healthier food choices. Also, most conventional crops develop with little to no flaws to them and are seen as potentially perfect most of the time. This occurs due to the use of pesticides as well as insectasides which help…...

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