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Lindy Ward
February 19, 2013
ENG 110
Process Analysis
Cookies for Shelby Baking cookies with my five-year-old daughter Shelby is quite an event. I love the mess and the chaos involved. She is my only child, and she won’t love baking cookies with me forever. I should probably make more time for baking. After all, the end result is always a success. The hardest part for me is to remember to set the butter out at room temperature the day before. Surprisingly, Shelby is always more excited about the process than the end result. I remember baking cookies with my mom as a child. I only remember the Christmas cookie event, because there probably was not mid-year cookie baking taking place. I hope Shelby holds on to our baking memories as she grows up. The beginning of this cooking fiasco is putting on the proper attire. There are two beige aprons that hang in our kitchen. A red and black swirl design screen printed on the front surrounds the word “Mommy” on mine, and “Me” on hers. They were a gift from one of Shelby’s schoolteachers. She typically hands me mine, we both put them on and she waits for me to tie hers behind her back. Shelby would cook every meal with me if I let her. Unfortunately, cooking with my child is not conducive to efficient meal preparation, or edible meals for that matter. Now that we are properly dressed, we collect all of our ingredients. We get from the pantry, the flour, white and brown sugar, salt, and baking soda. Then we open the refrigerator to get the eggs, and retrieve the vanilla from the spice rack. We set it all out on the gray Formica kitchen counter, get out all of our measuring cups and spoons, two large bowls, a spatula and the Kitchen Aid mixer. The mixer is housed in the pantry and collects dust until we are ready to bake cookies. The absurd weight of a Kitchen Aide Mixer, the lengthy clean up and…...

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