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btgtvbtbtbettbherrrrrrrrrThe Coca-Cola company started out as an insignificant one man business and over the last one hundred and ten years it has grown into one of the largest companies in the world. The first operator of the company was Dr. John Pemberton and the current operator is Roberto Goizueta. Without societies help, Coca-Cola could not have become over a 50 billion dollar business.

Coca-Cola was invented by Dr. John Pemberton, an Atlanta pharmacist. He concocted the formula in a three legged brass kettle in his backyard on May 8, 1886. He mixed a combination of lime, cinnamon, coca leaves, and the seeds of a Brazilian shrub to make the fabulous beverage. Coca-Cola debuted in Atlanta's largest pharmacy, Jacob's Pharmacy, as a five cent non-carbonated beverage. Later on, the carbonated water was added to the syrup to make the beverage that we know today as Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola was originally used as a nerve and brain tonic and a medical elixir. Coca-Cola was named by Frank Robinson, one of Pemberton's close friends, he also penned the famous Coca-Cola logo in unique script. Dr. John Pemberton sold a portion of the Coca-Cola company to Asa Candler, after Pemberton's death the remainder was sold to Candler. Pemberton was forced to sell because he was in a state of poor health and was in debt. He had paid $76.96 for advertising, but he only made $50.00 in profits. Candler acquired the whole company for $2,300.

Candler achieved a lot during his time as owner of the company. On January 31, 1893, the famous Coca-Cola formula was patented. He also opened the first syrup manufacturing plant in 1884. His great achievement was large scale bottling of Coca-Cola in 1899. In 1915, The Root Glass Company made the contour bottle for the Coca-Cola company. Candler aggressively advertised Coca-Cola in newspapers and on billboards. In the newspapers, he would give…...

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...Jet Copy Simulation Prepared by Joe Miller Prepared for February 7th 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION SUMMARY JET COPY SIMILATION CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS APPENDIX INTRODUCTION The purpose of this report is to examine the feasibility to for Jet Copy to purchase a second copy machine. Based on copies produced and lost with only the use of one copier. In this report I will use data from a simulation to assist in the determination of an additional copier for Jet Copy. As a reminder that this is a random simulation and the information in the simulation will only assist between when the test stop and 52 week will not have great affect on the outcome of the in the decision making. The simulation that was run was base on a 52 week scenario. The actual results are based on 51 week trial. The difference between the 51 week test and the actual 52 weeks will not have any great impact on the recommendation. ------------------------------------------------- SUMMARY This report creates a simulation that shows one possible outcome for Jet Copier when there one copier is out for repair for up to 4 days. It will also aid in the decision to ad d or not to add a second copier. This report will answer the following questions: 1. Using Excel to generate the number of days needed to repair the copier. 2. Using Excel to generate the interval between successive breakdowns according to continuous distribution. 3. Using Excel, use a suitable method......

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...JET Copies Case Problem In analyzing the case, JET Copies Case Problem, the following categories will be addressed: Model number of days to repair 1. In Excel, use a suitable method for generating the number of days needed to repair the copier, when it is out of service, according to the discrete distribution shown. JET copies needs to know the number of days they need to repair, when the copy machine is out of service. Using the given table, there are three columns of probability, repair time and cumulative. I used the figures given in case problem for probability and repair time days but for the cumulative column we started at 0.00 cumulative, then added the 0.20 to that to get the cumulative for day 2. For each probability subsequent to the previous we added, so for the 0.45 probability we added the 0.20 to get 0.65. Then repeating the same for the rest of probabilities, after 0.65 the cumulative resulted in 0.90. Then we used the table with ten columns. In the first column starting at A5, the formula entered was the =RAND() function to create random number for the first cell. That function formula was then dragged down to the below cells and locked to have the values be fixed. In the next column, I use the numbers copied from my first column. Then in the G5 column, we entered the function VLOOKUP to find the number of days needed to repair =VLOOKUP(F5,Lookup,2) and dragged the cell to have the same formula for the below cells in the column. Look up, in......

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...JET Copies – Case Description University students James, Ernie and Terri are opening a new copy center business called JET Copies. They borrowed $18,000 from Terrie’s parents to purchase their main copy machine. After the copy machine was purchased Ernie found out from a friend that the copy machine had frequent breakdowns; a breakdown between 1 and 6 weeks and often took 1 – 4 days for repair. In order to keep the business running between repairs the business owners are evaluating whether to purchase an $8,000 back up copy machine. The owners decided that if revenue lost per year was greater than $12,000 the additional copier purchase would be made. JET Copies’ owners are putting together a simulation model to determine whether the purchase of another copy machine is necessary. They have the following information: • Time between breakdowns is 1- 6 weeks with probability of a breakdown increasing the longer the copier went without a breakdown • repair time probabilities Table 1: Probability of the days to repair copier Repair Time (days) Probability 1 0.20 2 0.45 3 0.25 4 0.10 • Loss of revenue during repair of the copier: approx. 2000 – 8000 copies/day at $0.10/copy Again, if revenue lost/year was greater than $12,000 then the purchase of a second copier would be warranted. A simulation model using MicroSoft Excel was run to determine lost revenue due to copier breakdowns. To compute the simulation analysis we will run 1000 random numbers (trials) in a......

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...JET Copies Patrick Prophet Quantitative Methods – MAT 540 Dr. LaTasha Thompson 10/22/10 1. Write a brief description of how you implemented days-to-repair. When looking at the days it took to repair the copier, all that the JET Company had to go by was the average number of days that it took for the company to repair the copier if it broke down. The average was between 1 and 4 days to have the machine repaired. For this data, a probability distribution table was developed and programmed into excel. Once the probability table is loaded into excel, they are averaged into a random number range that generates numbers from 0.00 to 1.0. The system then generated an average number days it would take to repair the machine base to the random number generated. 2. Write a brief description of how you implemented the intervals between break downs. When the company looked at the number of intervals between breakdowns, there was no exact numbers to go by to create a probability distribution. What they did instead was to talk to the college who already owned one and go by their data. It was then determined that the average repair days would be between 0 and 6 days. This time the formula took the maximum number of and averaged it with the square root of the random numbers generated again from 0.00 to 1.0. Excel would then come up with the average number of days it would be between machine break down based on these numbers. 3. Write a brief description of how......

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...Jet Copies a Case Study Jet Copies is a small business that was started by three friends to provide copy services to students at State University. To accomplish this they borrowed from one of the partners parents to purchase a high end copy machine. But after purchasing the copy machine they found that it was not as reliable as they were led to believe. The partners wanted to find out how long and how often the copier would be out of service. They also wanted to know how much money they would lose when the copier was out of service. If the copier was out of service so long that they would lose more than 12,000 dollars they would purchase a backup unit. To accomplish this we will use Microsoft Excel to create a statistical analysis of a year of operation of the copier. Number of days to repair the copier probability days .45 1 .20 2 .25 3 .10 4 Based on the data provided above we see that the probability for a repair to the copier to take one day is 45%, two days is 20%, three days is 25%, and four days is 10%. To compute this in Excel we will use the random number feature and the lookup function. First we create a table to account for the probability of the duration of repairs based on the data provided. probability days 0 1 0.45 2 0.65 3 0.9 4 As you can see 0-.44 is a 1 day repair, .45-64 is a 2 day repair, .65-89 is a 3 day repair, and .9- 1 is a 4 day repair. We then use a random number generated by Excel by using the RAND () function. This will......

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... Quantitative Methods -MAT 540 JET Copies Case Problem Assignment #1 Days-to-repair Terri was able to gather data from the college which allowed them to develop a table for the probability distribution of the wait for repair services on JET’s copier. To model the probability of wait times in the JET Copies simulation, the JET partners generated a random number representing the probability of an occurrence of a breakdown. They then programmed a VLOOKUP function to match this breakdown probability to the corresponding “Repair Time in Days” column of the table. The result is the simulated time to get repair service for each breakdown occurrence. Interval between breakdowns The James, Ernie, and Terri purchased a copier just like the one used at their college office. When Ernie talked with someone in the dean’s office at State, he was told that the University’s copier broke down frequently often for 1 to 4 days. The partners became worried that their machine would also frequently break down. Although they could not get an exact probability distribution, James was able to determine that breakdowns occurred between 0 and 6 weeks apart. The probability of a breakdown increased as time passed. To model the time between breakdowns in their simulation, JET created a list of random numbers. Next, they applied the probability function f(x) = 2x/a2 0≤ x ≤ a. For this situation, the formula used is x = a √r. Since James estimated breakdowns occur zero to six......

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...The purpose of the JET Copies Case Problem was to develop a simulation that would help identify the number of times that a copier machine would break down over a year’s time, the average repair time days, and lastly the estimated loss of revenue that occurred when the machine broke down each time. The owners of the company needed this information to make a decision on whether or not to purchase a backup copier. I decided to start with the table on page 679, which identified the probability of the days that it took the copier to get fixed each time that it broke down. I calculated the cumulative probability before beginning my simulation. I figured that in a year’s time with a max of six weeks between breakdowns according to the information given, that the copier would break down approximately 15 times. In Excel, I created fifteen random numbers (RN1) based upon my cumulative probability and probability distribution given. After which, I determined an average number of repair days for each break down which calculated to be about 2 days. The second step taken to begin this simulation was to determine the frequency of how often the copier would break down. The probability given was based upon speaking with staff members from the college of business and notating that the probability of the break downs increased the longer the copier went without breaking down. In looking at the visual provided on page 679, I was able to use the formula y=mx+b in order to find the......

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