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Core Values and Strategy, Organizational Behavior and
John Mackey CEO at Whole Foods Market 2013
A Case Study
State College

This paper was prepared for Organizational Behavior September Semester, taught
By Professor

Core Values and Strategy, Organizational Behavior and
John Mackey CEO at Whole Foods Market 2013


This case study research investigation will evaluate the organizational behavior theories and John
Mackey’s Management concepts of Core Values and Strategy “Conscious Capitalism” approach at Whole Foods Market. The five organizational behavior theories that were chosen for this study are; Theory X/Y , human and social capital, the profile of the 21st century manager, Carroll’s
Global Corporate Social Responsibility Pyramid, and the seven moral principles. Whole Foods
Market was founded in Austin, Texas, by four businesspeople that decided the natural foods industry was ready for a supermarket. The original Whole Foods Market opened in 1980 with a staff of only 19 people and became an overnight success. Most of the success was attribute to the quality standards, a devotion to community and environmental responsiveness, a healthy growth model and highly-regarded employment practices.

What Role Does McGregor’s Theory Y Play at Whole Foods?

Theory Y believes employees are proficient in setting goals on their own; they can do it with little to no guidance from others. They are responsible, willing to take on new problems that may arise and not willing to throw another employee under the bus. They are resourceful and will act effectively or imaginatively, especially in difficult situations. This is right in line with John Mackey views and beliefs in “Conscious Capitalism” and the way management runs Whole Foods. If Whole Foods management concept was more like McGregor’s X Theory where…...

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