Corporate Financial Reporting Practices in Bangladesh: a Case on Leasing Companies

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Executive Summary

Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) play a significant role in meeting the diverse financial need of various sectors of an economy and thus contribute to the economic development of the country as well as to the deepening of the country’s financial system. According to Goldsmith (1969), financial development in a country starts with the development of banking institutions.

As the development process proceeds, NBFIs become prominent alongside the banking sector. The major business of most NBFIs in Bangladesh is leasing, though some are also diversifying into other lines of business like term lending, housing finance, merchant banking, equity financing, venture capital financing etc. Lease financing, term lending and housing finance constituted 94 percent of the total financing activities of all NBFIs up to June 2006. Industrial Promotion and Development Company (IPDC) was the first private sector NBFI in Bangladesh, which started its operation in 1981. Since then the number has been increasing and in December 2006 it reached 29. Of these, one is government owned, 15 are local (private) and the other 13 are established under joint venture with foreign participation.

Leasing in Bangladesh, like in many of its peer countries, owes its origin to the efforts of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Washington. At the instance of IFC, the first leasing company in Bangladesh, Industrial Development Leasing Company of Bangladesh Ltd. (IDLC) was set up in 1984 and commenced its operations in 1986, with a 20% shareholding from Korea Development Leasing Corporation. For several years, IDLC remained the sole leasing company in Bangladesh. However, the real momentum began in the 1990s. In 1997, there were 15 leasing companies in the country. Besides, some of the banks and financial institutions also added leasing divisions to their existing…...

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