Corporate Governance in Turbulent Times

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The last few years we have seen some major scams and corporate collapse across the globe. In India, the major example is Satyam which is one of the largest IT companies in India. All these events have made stake holders realize the urgency and importance of good corporate governance. Before investing money in any company people are quite concerned how companies are being managed. International organizations like IMF, WTO and World Bank are also insisting on transparency. All this has made Corporate Governance and transparency up the public agenda. Good Corporate Governance makes for good business sense. It increases confidence of shareholders in the company. This leads to better stock prices. Good disclosure practices lead to a more liquid market for the company. This lowers cost of debt for the company. Thus the CEOs of today, there is a clear business case for complying with principle of good Corporate Governance. In the era of Globalization & Liberalization market forces plays a crucial role. We know that liberalization in emerging economy has made access to foreign funds easier. Availability of foreign funds will lower the cost of capital. It is quite understood. All companies will like this to happen, but the international lenders will be careful. They will expect that the companies they lend to follow good Corporate Governance. These lenders will demand transparency. These factors force the companies to modify their behavior and values to meet the norms of Corporate Governance. It is critical for any company that people they recruit believe in the company in the company's values and takes in those values. For Example: Infosys group lays lot of emphasis on its values, integrity and transparency, while recruiting people in its group.…...

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