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Corporate Social Responsibility Andrea Wible, Bobby Reynolds, Brian Grier David Hentnick, Dawn Trudeau, Delia Trevino PHL 323/Ethics in Management University of Phoenix

Marks and Spencer’s 100-Point Plan A The Marks & Spencer (M&S) retail corporation is an example of ethical corporate social responsibilities at its best. Decisions are made by a corporation that changes an environment by making good moral choices for the well being of all. Consequential theory has been obtained through pushing an eco- friendly environment to maximize the benefits of all and minimizing harmful toxins in the communities. The deontological duty what is right for society and the ultimate environment of all. Ethical change has brought about a new way to tackle an old issue. The issue is a clean and friendlier environment for years to come. Challenges of negative limitations may bring friction in pursuing other corporations to bond together and use the same services. The positive outcomes for other corporations are the well being and safety for all. Marks and Spencer (M&S) retailing corporation has developed a 100 point plan to make their company more eco-friendly. The plan is designed to reduce the company’s energy use, eliminate the use of landfills for their waste and have all the raw materials brought in from the most sustainable sources possible. The company has no idea if they will jeopardize business by initiating such unconventional methods. The company is using its power responsibly by going green (Ethisphere, 2008). Philanthropic, ethical, legal, and economic responsibilities are used and…...

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...BUSINESS AND SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT “CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY” A Written Reaction By Jay-Ar C. Dimaculangan In business, we should bear in mind that we have lot of responsibilities to perform not just only with our specific tasks in the organization where we belong but with the community and society where our organization belongs. A company whether profit or non-profit in its form should give back whatever it can contribute for the development and betterment of its society. For me that is what Corporate Social Responsibility is all about. As reported, corporate social responsibility encompasses human rights responsibility, financial responsibility, political responsibility, and environmental responsibility. Like for example, a business has the responsibility to treat employees fairly and with respect, operate with integrity and in an ethical manner in all its business dealings with its stakeholders like customer, suppliers, lenders, general public, and other affected by its operation. It has also the responsibility to sustain the environment for future generations and be a responsible neighbour or member of the community. Having said these, we can see that corporate social responsibility are of growing importance to government and community as they promise to meet challenges of social problems within the changing welfare environments. The government today although given different issues like for example CSR is only a window dressing of the government for......

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...of CSR derives from the fact that CSR practices have considerable influence on a company’s reputation and “the reputation of a firm is arguably the most valuable asset” (Peloza, 2006: 69). The term “corporate social responsibility,” or CSR, can be defined broadly as a firm’s charitable contributions and social initiatives, such as “philanthropy, cause-related marketing, environmental responsibility, and humane employee treatment, among others” (Ellen et al., 2006: 148). Researchers have found that over the past 30 years CSR correlated positively with corporate financial performance (CFP) (Orlitzky et al., 2003). “At its simplest, some argue that this ‘trend’ is purely self-serving marketing or philanthropy to offset concern over organizations’ increasing profit or corporate scandals.” (Brock, 2005: 58). By examining the motives behind CSR as purported by a broad spectrum of scholars, this paper will argue that companies initially implement CSR initiatives in an effort to increase sales and obtain other incremental benefits. Then, this paper will examine the role CSR plays within a company’s business system over an extended period of time, arguing that CSR initiatives can ultimately provide a company with insurance in the face of potentially damaging events. Finally, this paper will attempt to determine whether the profit-driven motives, or business objectives, of CSR initiatives are socially desirable. 2. A Young Company’s CSR Motives and the Potential for......

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...Abstract This paper discusses about the corporate social responsibility (CSR) theories and models. Application of corporate social responsibility theories and models is also applied on the Football Club Barcelona, which reflects the company's interest for CSR. Theoretical background of CSR theory and model is also presented in the paper. Company background, CSR report and company criticism is also covered in the paper. Findings of the paper reflect that the company is committed for socially responsible behavior and has taken some groundbreaking measures to ensure their obligation for CSR theories. Introduction Corporate social responsibility is the wider phenomena that are considered as a building block of organizational success. Sign of success is nowadays measured through the extent of corporate social responsibility maintained by the organizations in this global context. There are various theories and models developed on the corporate social responsibility which are used by the organizations to improve their image in the market in order to build a strong identity in the respective market. To maintain a level of supremacy in the market, companies operating at the national as well international level are following the footprints of those who are gaining terrific outcomes from the implementation of corporate social responsibility theories. Nowadays, the company reputation is analyzed by judging whether the company is following the principles of theories oriented towards......

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...Examples of Corporate Social Responsibility “The concept of corporate social responsibility means that organizations have moral, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities in addition to their responsibilities to earn a fair return for investors and comply with the law” (Corporate Social Responsibility, 2009). While Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be practiced by companies in many different ways, the most well known examples are how business is conducted internally, including business ethics, community involvement, and environmental responsibility. But the concept of corporate social responsibility extends far beyond what the company is doing for the community around them and how they handle business internally. It affects employees, consumers, and investors and each of these groups have a different idea of how companies should be conducting business and these ideas need to be taken into consideration when drafting their CSR reports. Cigna is a good example of how publicly traded companies formulate and report their involvement in CSR. Community involvement and philanthropic activities are some of the most visible ways companies can market to their consumers as well as potential employees. “Cigna believes that investing in the health of their communities directly connects with their overall success” (Corporate Responsibility, n.d.). They provide their employees with a variety of programs to help them get involved with the surrounding community. Some......

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...Corporate Social Responsibility Reflective Essay of “Executive and Management attitudes towards corporate social responsibility in Malaysia Introduction “Social Responsibility is defined as the role that companies play to serve different stakeholders and also the role that the companies play to support the society.”(George Pohle, 2008) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is now longer phenomenon to the worldwide organisations and corporation in developed countries on the world, it is considered as the large organisation’s globalising strategies or their responsibility and dedication into the society. However, this essay will focus on the other side of CSR developing world- Malaysia and also the Malaysian managers and executives toward to corporate social responsibility. Based on the report “Executive and management attitudes towards corporate social responsibility in Malaysia” (Rashid and Ibrahim, 2002), criticism and discussion about the writer’s analysis and point of views on the researching statistic will be the main stream of this essay. Also, this essay shall analyse statistic and judgements that are provided in the report. Corporate Social Responsibility of Malaysia discussion by Rashid and Ibrahim (2002) is a considerable material to be study but there are still a few points in the report should be criticised: literature review and methodology. Aims and Author Conduction To begin, there are three main aims listed in the report: examination the attitudes in......

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... WHAT IS CSR? Corporate Social Responsibility is a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders. CSR is generally understood as being the way through which a company achieves a balance of economic, environmental and social imperatives (“Triple-Bottom-Line- Approach”), while at the same time addressing the expectations of shareholders and stakeholders. In this sense it is important to draw a distinction between CSR, which can be a strategic business management concept, and charity, sponsorships or philanthropy. Even though the latter can also make a valuable contribution to poverty reduction, will directly enhance the reputation of a company and strengthen its brand, the concept of CSR clearly goes beyond that. Key CSR issues: environmental management, eco-efficiency, responsible sourcing, stakeholder engagement, labor standards and working conditions, employee and community relations, social equity, gender balance, human rights, good governance, and anti-corruption measures. A properly implemented CSR concept can bring along a variety of competitive advantages, such as enhanced access to capital and markets, increased sales and profits, operational cost savings, improved productivity and quality, efficient human resource base, improved brand image and reputation, enhanced customer loyalty, better decision making and risk management processes.  ORIGIN OF CSR CONCEPT......

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...Microsoft Corporate Social Responsibility ETH/361 July 21, 2014 Lorece Tietjen Microsoft Corporate Social Responsibility: Introduction The Microsoft office was ranked number one company for their Corporate Social Responsibility reported by Reputation Institute’s 2012 CSR Rep Trak 100 Report, around the world. This study was conducted via various indications such as Citizenship, Governance and Workplace and Microsoft received the first category of Governance and the top ranking all the world. Defining Citizenship in terms of CSR ranking describe the company’s support to the citizen and protects their environment. Governance describes how the company’s ethical behavior and its transparency with their business dealings with the government. The last portion of ranking is the Workplace and it is one of the major setbacks for every employee and the environment. Companies were ranked on how the workplace appealed to their employees, as a place to work and to meet the Occupational Health and Safety standard and treated their employees well. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Microsoft’s perspective is strongly to support European Union and the Member States in promoting dialogue, productivity, share the CSR to their surroundings and create employment opportunities to their partnering countries and within the US. The CSR concentrates in the following region; • Education and Digital Inclusion provides access to the......

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...Introduction The paper describes about CSR (corporate social responsibility) program and HRM’s role in the program. It also talks about audits used for tracking social responsibility, strategies used to develop and implement CSR program. There is no clear definition of CSR, but according to European commission, “It is a process to embrace responsibilities for company actions and encourage them to follow in positive way through activities like environment, consumer, employees and communities. In CSR, Human resources management plays a unique role. To raise the performance of the company, CSR must be followed effectively. Human resource management plays unique role in CSR, as they are responsible for recruiting staff, training the staff, giving compensations, maintaining health & safety, and labor relations. So if company follows the above apparatus consciously, they can create a safe environment for employees, contribute money to society and community, and gain good reputation which lead to higher profits. To maintain the reputation, companies are developing, implementing, and submitting CSR report in order to maintain transparency with the public and shareholders to gain their trust. Some companies took CSR report as strategy to raise profits. For example, General Electric (GE) CEO Jeffrey Emmett said they will double their profit by developing product with green technology “We plan to make money doing it” (R.Wayne Mondy & SPHR, 2008). This strategy made......

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...Vladimir Putin said “We need business to understand its social responsibility, that the main task and objective for a business is not to generate extra income and to become rich and transfer the money abroad, but to look and evaluate what a businessman has done for the country, for the people, on whose account he or she has become so rich.” Corporate Social Responsibility is a set of policies and functions whereby a business monitors and ensures its active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and international norms. It is a model in which economic, social, and environmental responsibilities are satisfied simultaneously. Companies these days are issuing corporate social responsibility reports that detail their environment, labor, and corporate giving practices. Also some firms have employed a position of director of corporate social responsibility. Although many firms are endorsing a culture of ethics and social responsibility, some believe that it is being done was a public relations campaign. One of the most common ways to approach CSR is corporate philanthropy. This includes monetary donations and aid given to nonprofit organizations and communities. Donations are made in areas such as the arts, education, housing, health, social welfare and the environment, among others. Owner of Headbands of Hope, Jessica Ekstrom sells made-in-the-U.S. headbands and donates a dollar of each sale to childhood cancer research through the St. Baldrick's......

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...ASOCIO Policy Paper CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Date: June 2004 Table of Contents 1 CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ........................................................... 2 1.1 What is corporate social responsibility? ........................................................ 2 1.2 Asia Pacific Perspective ................................................................................ 2 1.3 Corporate Social Responsibility: Unlocking the value................................... 3 1.4 World Economic Forum & CSR ..................................................................... 3 1.5 Case Studies ................................................................................................. 4 1.6 Should ASOCIO have a role? ....................................................................... 5 CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ASOCIO Policy Paper June 2004 1 CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming an increasingly important activity to businesses nationally and internationally. As globalisation accelerates and large corporations serve as global providers, these corporations have progressively recognised the benefits of providing CSR programs in their various locations. CSR activities are now being undertaken throughout the globe. 1.1 What is corporate social responsibility? The term is often used interchangeably for other terms such as Corporate Citizenship and is also linked to the concept of......

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...CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: A COMMONER’S PERSPECTIVE There are numerous words today that connote what most of the world knows as Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR: Corporate Conscience, Corporate Citizenship, and the like. This is testament to the importance that it has garnered as businesses worldwide have progressively expanded their scale and scope. CSR is in essence a self-regulating mechanism that is integrated into a business model; hence the term ‘responsibility.’ This policy aims at doing all those things that are required for businesses to ensure their support for legal, ethical, and social norms and hence is based on the philosophy that every business must embrace responsibility for the impacts of its activities and operations on stakeholders, communities, the environment and the entire public sphere. Also, when businesses focus on CSR, often they aim at the protection and promotion of public interest, regardless of legality. This is because while some practices may be legal, they may not really be in the best interests of the people. From my previous work experience in a port company, an example comes to mind. My company had acquired all statutory environmental clearances to proceed with the acquisition of land and construction of facilities for the port, yet there was an element that silently opposed the port: the locals. The local people worshipped the turtle as a deity, and believed that the establishment of the port would result in......

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...Amy Huddleston Kimberly Gleason BA_3300 Business Cornerstone – Spring 2016 14 April 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Introduction Companies by the virtue that they are considered to have influence in the economy of the region they are situated and beyond, also have the moral responsibility to give back to the same community that is hosting them after having fulfilled their needs. This is because they have more financial influence than the individuals combined in the place they are situated. This voluntary development that a company undertakes to the favor of the community hosting them and beyond to improve the social status, after having met their own, is known as the corporate social responsibility. This paper tries to look into the PepsiCo corporate social responsibility. PepsiCo as a company majorly dealing with refreshments has been of great assistance to the communities that are situated in the regions where it is situated and the branches worldwide (Dorfman et al. 45). Before the company gets situated in a place and starts offering corporate social responsibilities to the external community, it has to fulfill its internal needs first that make it stable. The following are the stages of corporate social responsibilities that the company fulfills in the whole cycle of the CSR. Economic Responsibilities Firstly, the company has to make sure that it has the right amount of finance in internally operating its activities without dependence on other external sources....

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...A BRIEF ANALYSIS OF [pic] CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY [pic] ABSTRACT Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming an increasingly important activity to businesses nationally and internationally. As globalization accelerates and large corporations serve as global providers, these corporations have progressively recognized the benefits of providing CSR programs in their various locations. CSR activities are now being undertaken throughout the globe. “Every company harms the environment and people!” CHAPTER I THE RESEARH PROPOSAL [pic] [pic] INTRODUCTION The problems and issues that confront society today are too large and complex to be solved by government and NGOs alone. Sustainable solutions to society’s problems can only be found through the collaboration and involvement of all who are part of it. Companies have tremendous strengths; they have extremely capable people, technology, access to money, the ability of geographical reach, etc. Many companies worldwide and now even in Pakistan are more powerful than governments and even countries, and thus corporate are important stakeholders in society. Our objective of the research is analysis of Pakistan’s major telecom companies to explore and understand the role that telecom corporate are playing and can play in finding meaningful solutions to the problems facing Pakistan today. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES: The general objective of our study is to......

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