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Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures
Carolyn Scott
April 28, 2014
Kerry Jones

Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures
For the assignment this week, I’ve chosen the Hawaiian creation myth and the Navajo creation myth. In the Hawaiian myth, there was only endless darkness with 2 beings, Kumulipo and Po’ele, they created the creatures that live in the pure darkness. They also gave birth to 2 new beings, who created the almost darkness creatures. They gave birth to two more beings who gave birth to two more until the final 5th couple was born. As each couple created animals and plants, the world began to lighten slowly. Soon the first man and first woman were created and they gave birth to more humans. As they were created right before dawn, their skin was very dark. As they had more generations of children, the children became lighter and lighter until they became the color they are now ("The Hawaiian Creation", 2015).
In the Navajo myth, there are 4 worlds. There were 6 beings that lived in this dark and small place. As they grew tired of the darkness, they left that world and went to the 2nd world. They lived peacefully in the 2nd world until they were banished and left for the 3rd world. This was the place where the Dine were born and learned how to pray and were taught many rituals. They finally made it to the 4th world where First Man and First Woman built the first hogan and the Wind God carried their people all over.
While both creation myths have a higher intelligence, neither has an absolute god that created something out of nothing. They have both a male and female perspective with both sexes being important. These cultures had a very good grasp on duality and balance, both focused on the fact that the world needed balance and that everyone had an important part of creating the world as we know it in order to thrive. In the Hawaiian myth, the…...

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