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Rough Draft Cosmopolitanism is the view that all human beings are world citizens with each individual having their own responsibility that range beyond nationwide boundaries. Cosmopolitanism has effects on the economic, moral, and political universe. In the reading, “Cosmopolitanism” written by Kwame Anthony Appiah, he explains and uses many examples about how people should be proud to be representing their morals in a society where people can agree and disagree by connecting with one another through conversation. Appiah explains the importance of how communication plays in big role when discussing about culture. Conversation is a real human interaction in which cultural practices, norms, rituals, beliefs, are all shared together. Culture is a social interaction between friends, family, peers, in a specific place or community. Without conversation there is no cultural beliefs between one another, so conversation plays a big part in cultural characteristics and without these two factors cosmopolitism would not exist. As Appiah explains, “It begins with the simple idea that in the human community, as in national communities, we need to develop habits of coexistence, conversation in its older meaning… and conversation in its modern sense, too” (71). People who don’t understand their own social beliefs and backgrounds may feel their cultural beliefs have been forced on them, they might not know exactly how to express how they really feel. The use of conversation gives them a chance to create an opportunity to discus with other humans who may have their mind set on the other hand and what to hear another individual input. Having that said, conversation as Appiah explains it, does in fact work as a model for resolving, or at least managing a conflict and division.…...

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