Country Risk and Assessment of Moldova

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Learning Team A, prior to moving forward with plans to expand internationally to the country of Moldova, located in Eastern Europe, will conduct a country risk assessment. Any organization contemplating a business venture into a foreign country could encounter multiple risks. Therefore, prior to embarking on an international expansion, extensive, in-depth research of the target country is a necessity for success in the foreign marketplace. Team A will conduct a risk analysis of Moldova and its winery production and analyze all aspects of risk involved from entry to an exit plan. This paper will also describe the market risks and include a SWOTT analysis of the country.
Political, Legal, and Regulatory Risks
BDSD will encounter several risks when entering Moldova on a business level. A political risk is the current inability of the country’s parliament to elect a president. The country, divided over the election of leaders, disenchanted with the current leadership, and facing ongoing power struggles with neighboring countries has caused political deadlock. In addition, Moldova faces internal uprisings and tense relations with other nations in the region. If the country does not elect a president this year then the Moldovan Constitution calls for the dissolution of parliament. Dissolving parliament could have the potential to cause an uprising of the population creating an uncertain political forecast for the country (BBC News 2011). The legal risks of entering Moldova include financial, security, and the success of the BDSD Company’s relationship with the Moldova business partners. BDSD’s legal counsel will identify the potential legal risk of entering into a business agreement with a Moldovan company. The laws in Europe are considerably different then the United States, therefore, ensuring that the company is registered correctly, files…...

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