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A REPORT ON A Study On Customer Delight In More Supermarkets


ADITYA BIRLA Retail Ltd, Nettoor, Cochin, Kerala
Submitted to the

Department of Management Studies in partial fulfillment of the

Post Graduate Diploma in Management
Under the Guidance of

Shri Sudheer Sudhakaran Associate Professor by RAKESH KUMAR FK - 2296

School of Communication and Management Studies

October - 2012




I, the undersigned, hereby declare that this project report entitled “A Study on Customer Delight in More Supermarkets with Aditya Birla Retail Ltd Kerala” has been written and submitted under the guidance of Sudheer Sudhakaran, Associate Professor and is my original work or fully and specifically acknowledge wherever adapted from other sources. I understand that detection of any copying is liable to be punished in any way the school deems fit.






This is to certify that the project work entitled ' A STUDY ON CUSTOMER DELIGHT IN MORE SUPERMARKETS ' has been carried out under my guidance by RAKESH KUMAR in partial fulfillment of his Post Graduate Diploma in Management during the academic year 2011 - 2013.


Sri Sudheer Sudhakaran Faculty Guide




This is to certify that the project work entitled ' A STUDY ON CUSTOMER DELIGHT IN MORE SUPERMARKETS ' has been carried out by RAKESH KUMAR in partial fulfillment of his Post Graduate Diploma in Management.


Dr. V. Raman…...

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