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2008 – Present Warren E. Smith Center Philadelphia, PA
 Responsible for implementing interventions from each child's treatment plan, for collecting behavioral data, and completing daily process notes.
 Provide individual behavioral treatment to children and families in home and community settings.

July 2010- Present Northwestern Human Services Philadelphia, PA
Recovery Guide
• Introduce and advance the principles of mental health recovery, peer support and community integration as the catalyst for transforming individual lives and also local, state, and national mental health systems.
• Seek to establish personal empowerment, attitudinal change, skill building, self-determination, self-help, peer support, and community integration as the foundations of mental health treatment that emphasizes hope, affirmation, participation, and productivity for consumers of mental health services in a culturally competent manner.
2007-July 2010 Northwestern Human Services Philadelphia, PA
Children Case Manager
 Coordination of interagency meeting and necessary psychological or psychiatric evaluations for all clients.
 Coordinate access to medical and/or other treatment services as needed by family members.
 Responsible for client/family outreach in all matters surrounding the coordination of services.
 Responsible to assure ongoing communication and integration of services among all service providers and support systems involved with the child and family.
 Responsible to implement clinical strategies as developed with team

2006-2007 Northwestern Human Services Philadelphia, PA
Resource Coordinator Team Leader
 Assisting with training of new case managers on policy procedure, service documentation and chart compliance as well as how to write personal goal…...

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