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The Creamy Creations Takeover.

Question 1:
Even though when the executives of Burger Barn see a rosy future ahead of Creamy Creations , but there are risks that will impact on the rosy future they foresee for Creamy Creations. At the moment when Burger Barn took over Creamy Creations, it is still profitable and the financial numbers have rose since they took over management. But the executives of Burger Barn need to prepare good plan if bad things may happen to the business, because Creamy Creations is still relatively new business and it was getting praised by the families and students from local community college whose were categorized as clientele. The reputation of Creamy Creations was all about that they got good quality ice cream and customers made a relationship with their “creamy creator”. Many customers felt that the wait for their “creamy creator” was worth the quality of the ice cream, the customer service and the spirit of Creamy Creations. And when Burger Barn installed the “work stations”, which eliminated the “creamy creator”, that complete changed the atmosphere and culture of the Creamy Creations. Burger Barn is a fast food chain, so they treasure time so they can’t make more money, but if they apply of system to Creamy Creations, it will cause trouble in the future, because the customer base of Creamy Creations are families and students from local, they will not want to be rushed when they come to buy their favorite ice cream at Creamy Creations. This “work station” will create a pitfall of losing customer base that Burger Barn need to be watching out for it.
Question 2:
The Fayol’s Theory of Classical Management has reflected in the case study “The Creamy Creations Takover”. Principles of Fayol’s Theory are reflected in this case such as: planning, managing, command, coordination and control. The executives of Burger Barn installed the…...

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