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Creative Technology Exam 2 Study Guide

1) Uses a promoter- transcription 2) An anticodon is involved in this process - translation 3) Codons are involved - translation 4) Uses DNA Polymerase- replication 5) Polymerase chain reaction is a “synthetic” version of this 6) RNA polymerase is used - transcription 7) Ribosomes are used- translation 8) tRNA is used - translation 9) mRNA is produced - transcription 10) mRNA is read - translation 11) Important when a cell divides- replication 12) Uses a start codon - translation 13) A stop codon is involved - translation 14) Ends with a termination sequence - translation 15) Begins at a promoter region - transcription

16)What are the two main types of cells? * Eukaryotes: animals, plants, yeast, algae, most multicellular organisms; yes nucleus * Prokaryotes: bacteria, archaebacteria, simpler organisms; no nucleus; no membrane enclosed organelles

17) Approximate size scale of bacterial cell (1 micron) vs. animal cell (10-100 microns) vs. molecules vs. virus 18) How does the cell fit 6 feet of DNA into each cell of our body? 19) How many chromosomes do humans have? What’s the difference between male and female chromosomes? 23; XX (female) versus XY (male) 20) Plasmids are the most important entity for biotechnology. They allow the insertion of foreign DNA 21) What was the first protein biotechnology to be produced in E. coli? 22) DNA: fingerprint of cell; coding material for everything in our body; way we look and act; genetic material of an organism 23) Nucleus: 24) Ribosome: Produce proteins, form muscles in the cell 25) Mitochondria: Produces energy in cell 26) Plasmid: miscellaneous DNA, important for biotechnology; circular piece of DNA in bacteria 27) Gene: Part of DNA that codes for…...

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...Creative Technology Ltd. is a global company based in Singapore. It specializes in the consumer electronics industry, and is a world leader in digital entertainment products, famous for its Sound Blaster audio cards and for starting the multimedia revolution worldwide. Creative Technology Ltd. has its headquarters located in Jurong East. Creative Technology is founded by Mr Sim Wong Hoo. Creative Technology Ltd. began as a computer repair shop in 1981. During this time, Mr Sim was successful in selling add-on memory boxes for the Apple II computer, which encouraged him to create a customized PC in the Chinese language. Creative Technology became known for its audio aspects, and when Creative came up with the first Sound Blaster card, Creative started to dominate the PC audio market. Creative Technology will go on to dominate this market throughout the 1990s and was rarely challenged, with the Sound Blasters representing 70% of revenue at one point. Growth in MP3 player sales has since helped to level the revenue field. Modifications over the years to the Sound Blaster card have also helped it to remain competitive. In 1999, Creative launched the NOMAD line of digital audio players, propelling itself as a serious competitor in the portable audio player market, a market which they were able to dominate until the entry of the Apple iPod. Creative Technology Ltd. was awarded the ZEN patent on August 9, 2005. On Sept 4, 2007, Creative Technology announced that it has voluntarily......

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