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I have read that a crickets chirping is directly related to temperature. And that one can know approximately what temperature it is by the amount of chirps they put out. There has also been an equation that I have read about that I would like to test. So based on this my hypothesis is:

Hypothesis: The amount of cricket chirps heard in a fifteen second time frame plus 48 is the approximate temperature of the cricket's environment in degrees Fahrenheit.

+ 48 =

Background Information: Male crickets have organs that produce sound on their front wings. Male crickets rub their wings together to produce that chirp you hear at night. But they are not just chirping to make the quiet night go by. Male crickets are trying to attract females. Scientists have noticed a very unusual relationship between crickets' chirpings and temperature. On very cold days, there are large intervals between cricket chirps. That means the space between each cricket chirp is long, and so the chirps are not very frequent. On warmer days, the interval between each cricket chirp is smaller and so the chirps are heard frequently.

Hypothesis: The amount of cricket chirps heard in a fifteen second time frame plus 48 is the approximate temperature of the cricket's environment in degrees Fahrenheit.

Scratch piece of paper
Food/Water Supply
Container to House Crickets
Light Source (to allow for temperature changes)

Procedure: 1. Observe the crickets 3 times a day. Make sure you observe the morning, afternoon and night to get the best change in temperature. (Can use light source to manipulate temperature) 2. Record the amount of cricket chirps you hear in 15 seconds by using your stopwatch. Add this number to 48. 3. Record the temperature. 4. Compare your calculation for cricket chirps to the temperature.

Equation to…...

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