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Classification Crime Against Women Crimes under Indian Penal Code Crimes under Special and Local Laws Reported Incidents of Crime Crime Against Women in Cities

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International Initiatives to Curb Gender Violence National Initiatives to Curb Gender Violence Verma Committee Report Conclusion Annexures

Crime Against Women


INTRODUCTION In the ancient Indian women held a high place of respect in the society as

mentioned in Rigveda and other scriptures. Volumes can be written about the status of our women and their heroic deeds from the vedic period to the modern times. But later on, because of social, political and economic changes, women lost their status and were relegated to the background. Many evil customs and traditions stepped in which enslaved the women and tied them to the boundaries of the house1. The official statistics showed a declining sex-ratio, health status, literacy rate, work participation rate and political participation among women. While on the other hand the spread of social evils like dowry deaths, child marriage, domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment, exploitation of women workers are rampant in different parts of India. Humiliation, rape, kidnapping, molestation, dowry death, torture, wife-beating etc. have grown up over the years2.


MEANING OF CRIME / VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN “The Semantic meaning of „crime against women‟ is direct or indirect physical or

mental cruelty to women. Crimes which are „directed specifically against women‟ and in which „only women are victims‟ are characterized as „Crime Against Women‟3. It is equally important to clarify the concept of „Violence‟ against women.…...

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...Before attempting an overview of the input of psychology, we need to take a step back and consider the problematic concept of crime itself. The question, what is crime? sounds as if it should have obvious answers, and certainly there would probably be widespread agreement that some acts, such as personal violence or theft, constitute crimes the world over. However, there might be disagreement about whether these acts are still seen as crimes if t he rule of law is challenged, for instance in wartime. It was only in 2001 that the mass rape of Muslim women during the Bosnian conflict of 1992 - 95 was first deemed to be a crime against humanity, with three of its perpetrators receiving lengthy prison sentences at the Hague War Tribunal. Prior to this, wartime rape and the provision of kidnapped 'comfort women' for soldiers had been regarded simply as a by - product of war. While legal sanctions hold, there is reasonable understanding about what constitut es crime, but this understanding tends to vary according to historical, cultural and power dimensions which may rule different behaviours as criminal at different times. Obvious examples of this are when laws change, so for example attempting suicide was regarded as a criminal offence until 1961, while incest was not classed as a crime until 1908. Similarly, female circumcision is acceptable in some cultures though not in the UK, while in contrast male circumcision has never been against the law, though......

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...Do we blame the individual or society for crimes committed? Is it religious beliefs or our neighborhoods that shape our minds? Crime has been on earth since the start of time. An out pour of concern has been at an all time high the past few decades due to the increase in crime. What is crime a result of? It all depends on who you are asking because everyone has their own views on the matter. When crime is all over the news in the many parts of the world it is hard to ignore and not become concerned for the safety of ourselves and families. It is not possible to determine the root to why crimes occur but fatherless homes, poverty, mental disease and television have all taken the blame (Talidari). In my opinion people are to blame, they know the law but decide to break it any way, but the difference in opinion will vary amongst experts and regular Joes. Experts reported that children who grow up in fatherless homes are more likely to become an offender as an adult (Talidari). Eighty percent of rapists with displaced anger come from a fatherless home (Talidari), but twenty percent of rapists do not. Television has had its fair share of taking the blame for violence and criminal activity. People want to mimic what they see thinking it will make them popular...

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...Indian girls and women face a barrage of abuses in the largely patriarchal country. These include female foeticide, so-called ''honour'' killings, acid attacks, and rape, trafficking and dowry murders. The National Crime Records Bureau says more than 24,200 rapes were reported in India in 2011, or one every 20 minutes. As per a recent UNICEF survey, despite changing values in the young generation, 57 percent of Indian males between the ages of 15 to 19 contend domestic violence against women is occasionally is usual. About 53 percent of females within the same age group feel the same, on par with rates of women from older age groups. 1 Billion Rising campaign states, "One in three women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime". In India, according to National Crime Record Bureau in 2011, 14.7% rape cases are registered in cities while 85% rape cases are registered in rural India total of 2, 28,650 women faced violence and abuse during 2007-2011.In Northeast India, a total of 13,308 incidence of crime against women had been reported according to the National Crime Records Bureau 2011 with 11503 cases in Assam, 269 cases in Meghalaya, 1358 cases in Tripura, 167 cases in Mizoram, 247 cases in Manipur, 38 cases in Nagaland, 171 cases in Arunachal Pradesh and 55 cases reported in Sikkim. Not only in their states, Northeast Indian women are also prone and are vulnerable in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. Over 20,000 people have been killed......

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...A crime is defined as "an act committed in violation of a law forbidding it and for which a variety of punishments may be imposed." Crimes are classified into two basic groups; "mala in se" which are crimes that are evil in themselves, and "mala prohibitita" which are crimes that are only crimes because society at the time deems them wrong. In these days crime is more easy perceived by society. Surveys of public opinion in the United States show that more and more people believe that crime is increasing. People feel less safe in their environment and have thus taken measures to protect themselves. But is this view accurate? Most of the crime rates from 1973 to 1992 have risen greatly. In 1973 there was a murder every 27 minutes. Now there is a murder every 22 minutes. The astounding fact is in 1973 there was a violent crime every 6 minutes but now it has increased to a murder every 16 seconds. Crime per thousand from between 1983 and 1992 rose 9.4 percent but from 1991 to 1992 it went down 4 percent. In recent years crime has been decreasing. Property crime, murder, robbery, and burglary have all decreased at least three percent in recent years but that is not much. There is one exception; rape which has gone up 3 percent. Violent crime has risen 40.9 since 1983 while in recent years it has only gone down a tenth of a percent. This may be one of the reasons people feel less safe. People aren't afraid of larceny or property crimes. They......

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