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Theories of Crime Causation
Unit 3 Ind. Project

The Sociological Theories


The author of this paper focuses on the mainstream of criminology and the sociological theories of crime that have dominated the landscape for decades. The author focuses specifically on the social control theory, strain theory, differential association theory and the neutralization theory. These theories are often spoken due to their historical significance which was discovered during research in an attempt to examine delinquency and deviant behavior. Included in this paper the author shares with you her opinion as to the strengths and weaknesses of each theory. Further, she provides you with an example of a recent criminal arrest as it pertains to one of the aforementioned theories and the relevance that it has in explaining the offenders criminal actions.

The first and most influential strain theorist is Robert K. Merton (1938). His original statement of anomie/strain theory is the basis for all of the theoretical developments. The strain has two associate components the first component is strictly focused on the concept of anomie (abnormalities), while the second is centered on the social structures, and the influences that society contributes to the strain theory. If you were to separate or combined these two components either way can lead an individual to a higher level of deviance and/or criminal behavior. According to Merton (1938) He suggests that if there is an imbalance when establishing goals, and definition of how to obtain these goals are left without the means that are necessary to achieve these goals. Further, Merton places emphasis upon monetary success within society; he suggests that the behaviors associated are expected when all members in America…...

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...Criminal Justice Unit 3 Alicia Stephens American Intercontinental University   Abstract In this paper it discusses the probes by which a search warrant is sought and issued, who issues and what is needed to issue it. Also discusses how the warrants are issued through the Fourth Amendment and why. Discusses Probable cause and what it is and the reason why it’s called probable cause. Talks about search less warrants and gives examples of several. The rationale for allowing warrantless searches. Also the rights that an officer has during a search and why. Items or rooms that may need an additional warrant.   Criminal Justice Unit 3 The process by which a search warrant is sought and issued, in law search warrant is a written order by an official of a court. The warrant gives an authorization to an officer to search a person in a specific place for specified objects and to confiscate them if found. Under criminal code, a search warrant can be sought according to the constitution of a particular state. The objects required for a warrant may be stolen goods or physical evidence of the commission of a crime. (For example) Narcotics Smuggling, and Black Marketing. (Law The constitution of the United States provides system of checks and balance among the legislative and judicial branches of government (The Fourth Amendment warrant requirement, 208). The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects against unreasonable searches and taking......

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