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Findings and Recommendations of the John Craftsman
Workplace Injury Case Study

Rebecca K. Decker

University of Maryland University College

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A recent workplace injury in the International Building Materials Company’s truss construction production shop has raised concerns among employees regarding shop safety and the integrity of the equipment used in daily work activities. At the request of Executive Management, an investigation of the accident was conducted to determine what is known and not know about the incident. The goal of this investigation was to ascertain the root cause of the accident and to identify the appropriate course of action by the Company going forward that will ensure future worksite accidents are prevented. This case study will provide a discussion of the case background and will analyze the facts and opinions provided by individuals directly and indirectly involved. The discussion will provide a critical analysis of the information presented as facts to determine its relevance and impact.


John Craftsman sustained a serious hand injury using a table saw located in the truss construction production shop. He sustained this injury while using equipment owned and maintained by company and in the performance of his job. John claims he followed all the company’s safety procedures.
John’s manager, David Waffler, contends that the machine was in safe working condition at the time of the John’s accident. Harry Hillman, the shop foreman, states that the equipment involved in the incident had been maintained according to maintenance protocols and has maintenance records that support his opinion. Mr. Hillman further states that he observed the injured employee laughing, joking, and goofing around just prior to the accident and contends the behavior of…...

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