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Critical Book Review
Lisa Robertson
Liberty University

Sexual addiction is a bigger problem than most people know. In today’s society it has become more of an issue because of the availability of sexually explicit materials. The main source for most sex addicts to access sexual materials is the internet. Sexual addiction unlike other addictions such as Drugs and alcohol, is a lot harder for the addicted person to open up and get help for. Because of the nature of the addiction there is a lot of shame involved. There are people in high positions at their church, doctors, lawyers and politicians who feel that if they reach out for help they can lose everything they have worked so hard for. Unfortunately, this shame that people feel keeps them from seeking the help they need. This issue should not be ignored but because of the negative nature associated with sexual addiction there aren’t very many resources available to sex addicts, and in most cases the church does not acknowledge it as a disease but more as a sin. This paper will explore these issues more as well as analyze the text the text by Dr. Mark Laaser.

Summary The Text by Dr. Mark Laaser, Healing Sexual Wounds of sexual addiction deals with the many issues of sexual addiction. Sex addicts are dealing with a disease just as any other addict. They usually have consequences as a result of their addictions as well as experiencing extreme guilt afterwards. The text begins with addressing the differences between healthy sexuality and sex addiction. According to Laaser (2004) A person with normal sexuality will think about sex sometime whereas a person with a sex addiction will think about sex constantly. A person with normal sexuality might try masturbating from time to time but the addict will masturbate all day. It becomes a way to medicate themselves. (pg.27) It goes on to speak about the…...

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