Crm Initiatives in Hyundai Motors

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Before we embark upon the details of this project, let me take this opportunity to express our heartiest gratitude towards the people who have provided invaluable help & support through the entire duration the project. I am thankful to our facilitator MS. YOGITA SHAINI for his continuous guidance & support.

I would like to thank her for giving us excellent suggestion and affectionate, encouraging through development of project and for devoting their precious time. We offer thanks to them for co-ordination and grateful to all our well-wishers who extended their support and for their valuable help throughout the work.


To understand the CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT in automotive industry (in passenger cars) & than sync it with CRM of HYUNDAI MOTORS.


To understand the real business scenario about the practice of CRM in Indian Automotive industry & than compare it with HYUDAI motors in passenger cars.

The automobile industry in India is the tenth largest in the world with an annual production of approximately 2 million units—is expected to become one of the major global automotive industries in the coming years. A number of domestic companies produce automobiles in India and the growing presence of multinational investment, too, has led to an increase in overall growth. Following the economic reforms of 1991 the Indian automotive industry has…...

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........................................................................................ 39 B – Works Cited .............................................................................................................................................. 49 1 1.0 Executive Summary Hyundai Motor Company is a South Korean auto manufacturer. They own the Hyundai and Kia branded cars that sell around the world. Their company is relatively new compared to industry, with the first cars being sold in the US in 1986. Because of initial quality was low, they have fought hard to improve their reputation. As a result, in recent years they have grown to become the 4th largest auto maker in the world. They market their cars in urban and suburban areas of the United States to average income families as a cheaper alternative to other brands. As their reliability increased, they began to offer a 10/year 100,000 mile warranty to provide peace of mind to consumes weary of their past. Their cars also offer the latest in technical improvements and are very fuel efficient. A growing trend in the marketplace is more environmentally conscious vehicles, and Hyundai has many options available. During the recession, Hyundai remained profitable and profit is expected to continue to increase. Competition remains tough, with dozens of manufacturers in the market. The main competitors are the big three Japanese makes, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan; the big three US makes, GM, Ford, Chrysler; as well as......

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... Hyundai i10 The Hyundai i10 is a hatchback bodied city car produced by the Hyundai Motor Company, launched on 31 October 2007, manufactured only in India, at Hyundai's Chennai Plant — and sold globally (not for South Korea). Replacing the Atos/Atos Prime/Amica/Santro (except in India, where the lower-priced Santro Xing is still being sold below it), it is marketed below the Getz and i20 (which replaces the Getz in most countries). Background After the Santro/Atos Prime, Hyundai needed a model to replace it and started a hatchback project codenamed Hyundai PA. The car was to be manufactured in a new facility at Chennai, India. Hyundai i10 rear view The i10 has a large gaping air-dam, pulled-back headlamps, chrome-lined grill, integrated clear lens fog lamps, a bonnet that has a clam shell hint and a rear window with an upswept kink.The tailgate has a chrome-lined boot-release handle and an integrated roof spoiler on the top- end versions. Overall length (3565 mm) and wheelbase (2380 mm) are identical to the Santro with slightly more interior space; Ergonomic design was intended to accommodate tall drivers and increasing rear knee room. The width has been increased (and front and rear track) by 70 mm (2.8 in) for more shoulder room. The height has been reduced by 40 mm (1.6 in). Boot space at 225 litres (7.9 cu ft) is significantly lower than that of Getz. Interior The interior has a plastic dash housing with an optional integrated stereo. The instrument binnacle has a......

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...About Hyundai Motor Company Established in 1967, Hyundai Motor Co. has grown into the Hyundai Motor Group, which was ranked as the world’s fifth-largest automaker since 2007 and includes over two dozen auto-related subsidiaries and affiliates. Hyundai Motor, which exported its first independently-made vehicle, the Pony, in 1976, now exports over one million high-quality vehicles ranging from sedans, SUVs, trucks and buses. In 2010, Hyundai Motor sold about 3.6 million cars worldwide, up 16.3 percent from 2009. Hyundai Motor, South Korea’s largest automaker, sold 659,565 cars in the Korean domestic market in 2010, reaching a market share of about 45 percent. Outside Korea, the company sold about 2.9 million cars in 2010 in over 186 countries through some 5,300 dealers. Global Operations Employing over 78,000 people worldwide, Hyundai Motor is implementing a new global policy aimed at localization. This includes product development, design, sales, marketing, and consumer services to satisfy local customers’ tastes as well as that of the global market. Currently Hyundai Motor has six overseas plants in the U.S., India, China, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Russia. The company will add a seventh plant by 2012, in Brazil. Hyundai Motor today has a combined global production capacity of about 3.91 million units a year (Korea Domestic: 1.86 million / Overseas: 2.05 million).Koo Korea Production Hyundai has three plants in Korea that have a combined capacity of about 1.86...

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...operate, ensure a consistent pool of resources that are required for the business to perform its functions, and to generate profits. The Acquisition of Kia Motors by Hyundai Motors Fikre Y. Wondimu CalUniversity Author Note Fikre Y. Wondimu is a student at California Intercontinental University. Special thanks to Dr. Troy Roland and Dr. Fathiah Inserto for providing suggestions to improve this document format and content. Correspondence concerning this thesis should be addressed to Fikre Y. Wondimu, CalUniversity, 1470 Valley Vista Drive #150, Diamond Bar, CA 91765. Contact: Abstract The last decade demonstrated decreased revenue and higher value of development costs, which led the automobile industry to engage in domestic and international mergers and acquisition (M&A). This case analyis examines one of the largest M&As in the Korean automobile industry in recent years, the acquisition of Kia Motors (Kia) by Hyundai Motors (Hyundai). The case study briefly analyses the conditions of the acquisition, the integration and stabilization processes undertaken by both companies. By acquiring Kia, Hyundai enhanced its competitive position in both domestic and global markets, achieving economies of scale, scope and strengthened its local and global market. The M&A process of Hyundai/Kia did not come easy. The Post-acquisition and restructuring process faced several challenges of synergy effects prompting for strategy change in order to......

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...its nuances, the aim of this report is to use at most seven IB theoretical approaches to analyze the internationalization of Hyundai Motors Corporation (hereafter HMC). The analysis will seek to test the basic assumptions and concepts of the various theories, identify and question basic deviations of the theories from the internationalization of HMC and search for answers as to the reasons for the deviation. This report begins with a brief historical account of HMC’s evolution, internationalization and current position in the global automobile industry. A brief review of the internationalization theories which are used in this analysis is undertaken. A thorough analysis of various phases of HMC’s internationalization using the theories (where applicable) then follows. A conclusion is drawn whether HMC’s global operations fit or deviated from the assumptions that these theories posit. 2 COMPANY HISTORY AND LITERATURE REVIEW This chapter starts with a brief account of how HMC was formed, its historic timelines and its momentous journey from a knockdown assembler to becoming a hugely successful and influential multinational company in the automobile industry. The various theories of internationalization are then briefly reviewed to lay bare their basic assumptions and key concepts. 2.1 Brief History of Hyundai Motor Company The Hyundai Motor Company’s (hereafter HMC) global success has been one of ‘grass to grace’. It began as a Complete Knockdown (CKD) assembler......

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...Hyundai Hyundai is the South Korean automaker for excellence, whose name translated into English means "modernity”. The Hyundai cars are simple, resilient and known for their low cost. Created in the middle of the country’s recovery after the Korean War, Hyundai received help from Ford, which through its subsidiaries in the UK, helped to set up its manufacturing plant. The brand was born in 1947 by Chung Ju-yung, Son of North Korean peasant farmers; dominant figure in the Korean economy from 1960 until his death in 2001. Hyundai built its first car in 1968, the “Cortina”, a compact sedan under Ford license. In 1975, Hyundai made its first own model, the Pony, in collaboration with Mitsubishi and the firm “Italdesign” of Turin. Currently, Hyundai has one of the most respected research and development centers of the industry. In 1997, South Korea suffered of a serious financial crisis which also affected the automotive industry involving the Daewoo’s bankrupt (now part of General Motors). Hyundai overcame the crisis, but it was forced to divide its many operations (construction, banking, petrochemicals, logistics, shipbuilding, etc...) into 5 separate companies. One of these, the most internationally known, is the Hyundai Motor Group which now includes the brand Kia. The company has been one of the most influential industrial conglomerates in South Korea's economy. And currently, it’s the second-largest chaebol behind Samsung. The 6 major group companies are: •......

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...of acquiring, retaining and partnering with selective customers to create superior value for the customer. CRM techniques are the most widely techniques that had been used by the companies but as our study revolves around the small car dealers so we have collected some of the data on the existing structure of the CRM in the automobile industry by taking into consideration “Tata Motors”. To respond to high customer expectations companies are finding they have to use both traditional and emerging channels to deliver more effective efficient and profitable marketing sales. The training and reorientation of human resources for effective CRM and highlighted with its incisive exposition and vivid cases, the CRM effectively useful for business and marketing management. 4 C’s of Customer Relationship Management- • Correlate- series of transaction & interaction that makeup a dialogue between customer i.e. data is collected from all contact points. • Combine- mapping & management of interaction points between a customer. • Cognize-(to know): insight gained through capture & analysis of detailed information is to create continuous learning from data warehouse. • Connect- application of insight to create relevant interaction with consumers, customers, channels, suppliers, partners that build value relationships. The CRM Process- The formation process of CRM refers to decisions regarding initiation of relational activities for a firm with respect to a specific group......

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...Moreover, Hyundai Motors still low brand recognition as compared to other larger firms which causes the firm harder in grabbing a wide range of buyers. As the low brand recognition, price depreciation rate is very high in comparison to Toyota or Honda. Therefore, it limits new car buyers from buying Hyundai. II. Technological Advancement Investors that invest in Hyundai are favored toward increasing the market share and larger advertisement schemes, instead of creating drastic technological advancement. Hyundai is still a runner-up in the area where all the rivals begun to produce Hybrid vehicles. As a result, Hyundai could not compete in some areas of the market where technological advancement is critical. III. Small Pool of Previous Buyers Most consumers do research before purchasing an automobile. The feedbacks from previous buyers can be a decisive factor for many consumers. Nonetheless, Hyundai does not have a huge pool of previous buyers to provide feedback, thus many careful consumers hesitate to buy Hyundai. IV. Product recalls Over the past few years before 2012, Hyundai recalled more than 300,000 cars in over sea market to fix manufacturing and design defects. Product recalls negatively impact Hyundai’s reputation. Needless to say, recall is good policy, but frequent recall could arise loss of customers and it would become weakness. V. Bankruptcy of middle sized companies supplying components There were some articles about Hyundai Motor’s......

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...Hyundai Motor Company Business History The Hyundai Motor Company is a multinational automotive manufacturer based in South Korea. The company is the world’s fifth largest motor group. ( the motor group has its headquarters in Seoul in South Korea. Hyundai was started by Chung Ju-Yung in 1967. Its parent company is the Hyundai motor group. It owns Kia motors by 32.8%. The company has its main operations in Ulsan, South Korea. This unit has an annual production capacity of 1.6million units. Ulsan is the world’s largest automobile manufacturing plant. The company had its first model, the Cortina released in 1968. This was in corporation with Ford Motor Company. The company has since grown and is now one of the top 100 most valuable brands worldwide. In Canada, Hyundai Auto Canada Inc. was opened in 1989. It is a subsidiary of the Hyundai Motor Company. It was located in Bromont Quebec. The Bromont plant only operated for four years before failure. Hyundai Auto Canada Inc. operates without a plant. There are however plans to revive it since there was a boosts in sales in the year 2009. Hyundai Motor Company is currently run by Chung Mon-koo who is both the chairman and CEO of the motor company. The company says that its goal is not to become the biggest car company; rather it is to provide value for the future. This also doubles as the company’s vision statement. ( Production The main products for Hyundai Motors Company are cars. The......

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...To, Mr. Mayank Verma 141,3RD FL, DDA FLATS, S ENCLAVE DAKSHINPURI, DAKSHINPURI PHASE-III, South Delhi, Delhi - 110062, India. Contact Details :+91-7503568443 Subject: Policy Number:0000000002500601 Dear Customer, Date:01/02/2015 Welcome to SBI General. Thank you for choosing SBI General’s “Individual Personal Accident” policy. We are delighted to have you as our esteemed Customer. With this, We enclose the following documents pertaining to your Policy: • • • • Policy Schedule Policy Clauses and Wordings Premium Receipt Grievance Redressal Letter We have taken care that the documents reflect details of risk and cover as proposed by you. We request you to verify and confirm that the documents are in order. Please ensure safety of these documents as they form part of our contract with you. For all your future correspondence you may have with us, kindly quote your Customer ID and Policy Number. Your Customer ID Your Policy Number : : 0000000003514536 0000000002500601 The Postal Address of your SBI General Branch that will service you in future is: SBI General Insurance Company Limited 101-301, Natraj, Junction of Western Express Highway and Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra-400069, 1000000108. In case of any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can contact us at or call our Customer Care Number 1800-22-1111 (MTNL/BSNL user) and 1800-102-1111 (for other users) We look forward to a......

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...alternative work arrangements are also very important in increasing or decreasing employees’ motivation. Our group decided to focus on the motivational factors and the reality of it in a real business organization. We came across an acquaintance who currently works as Hyundai Heavy Industry (HHI). He told us about the unique culture of foreign dispatch system, common in industrial companies. According to our interviewee, foreign dispatch systems have clear pros and cons and that organizations use various methods in order to satisfy the ones who work abroad. Hyundai Heavy Industry is the world's largest shipbuilding company, headquartered in Ulsan, South Korea. It has seven business divisions: Shipbuilding, Offshore & Engineering, Industrial Plant & Engineering, Engine & Machinery, Electro & Electric Systems, Construction Equipment, and Green Energy. HHI was awarded a trophy to celebrate an achievement of exporting one hundred million dollars in 1974. Continuously, HHI was awarded one billion dollars trophy, five billion dollars trophy, ten billion dollars trophy, and fifteen billion dollars trophy before 2009, in the same field. HHI is one of the major companies which have more than twenty-five-thousand employees. Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd established a manufacturing plant of wind power generator in February 2009. Our interviewee currently works in the wind power generator... View Full Essay...

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...   | | IF EVER Regular checkups, servicing and maintenance with genuine spare parts at authorised service centres will dramatically reduce the probability of a breakdown. But in the rare instance that a breakdown does occur, isn’t it nice to know, that help is just a call away? Just call 1 800 209 7979.WHEREVER When you have a road network that spans 33,13,769 kms., the probability of a breakdown happening within hailing distance of a Tata Authorized Workshop is very low. It is precisely for this reason that Tata Motors have tied up with MyTVS, who will provide breakdown assistance including towing to the nearest Tata Authorized dealer workshop or Tata Authorized Service centre through their Authorised Service Provider (ASP).WHENEVER A breakdown does not come by appointment, nor does it respect working hours. We know how it feels, when you are stuck in the middle of a road, with no one to turn to. That is the reason Tata Motors has introduced 24x7 On Road Assistance Program. We are now on standby mode to offer you quality assistance – day and night.Response Time** Within City Limits | 60 minutes | On State or National Highways | 90 minutes | Ghat Roads and other places | 120 minutes +/- | (The response time will depend on the location,terrain, traffic density and the time of the day.) | The On Road Assistance program will be automatically available to all new Tata passenger vehicles purchased on or after February 1st 2009 for the duration of warranty period.......

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...Project report On hyundai motor india LIMITED [pic] Submitted by: SAURABH TYAGI FIP/BBA(G) IB/021 [pic] MANAV RACHNA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY HYUNDAI MOTOR INDIA LIMITED A PROJECT REPORT Submitted to Manav Rachna International University In Partial Fulfillment of BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Submitted By SAURABH TYAGI BBA(G) IB- V SEMESTER ROLL NO. FIP/BBA(G) IB/ 021 [pic] Manav Rachna International University Contents |Topics | | |Acknowledgement |4 | |Introduction | 5 - 7 | |Corporate and Management Philosphy |8 - 9 | |Core Values and Statement | 10 | |Hyundai Profile ( Management ) | 11 - 15 | |Hyundai Profile ( Manufacturing ) |16 - 20 | |Hyundai Profile ( Research & Development ) ...

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