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This paper examines the impact of crowdsourcing on search result ranking by identifying the relation between crowdsourcing and web search. Here the question arise, what are the reasons that compel me to search this category i-e crowdsourcing and search result ranking. To me, it is very beneficial for us as student of computing to know about the relation of crowdsourcing with web technology. How much is impact-able if we add it as ingredient in our searching results for finding good webpages is understandable after reading this paper.

Crowdsourcing is a term coined by Jeff Howe in wired magazine to characterize a way of using groups to solve the problem [1].The groups are usually online communities, such as member s of a blog or a visitor of website. An organization broadcast the problem to the crowd as an open call for solution. The crowd submit solution, and then sort through them, find the best one.
The organization selects and owns the ultimate solution, and sometimes rewards members of the crowd. As this paper also explain the application aspect of crowdsourcing when it merge with web-technology.
Crowdsourcing, WEB 2.0, Social networking.
The last two decades have seen dramatic revolution in information technology: not only in computer power, such as the processor speed, memory size and innovative interfaces, but also in the everyday use of computer. The 1990s was the decade of the World Wide Web, built over the physical infrastructure of the internet, radically changing the availability of information and making possible the rapid discrimination of digital information across the globe.
Web2.0 is heavily oriented toward content generation by people who…...

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