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CULTURAL EVENT REPORT As a result of the Norton Museum of Art being closed, I had no choice but to do this project on line. The Museum I chose to visit was the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I have always wanted to visit this particular museum and I hope that I will. On September 4th 2012 I visited the Online Museum of the Philadelphia Museum of Art After navigating through the site looking at different works of art and sculptures, I felt so lost in all that I saw it was as if I was transported back in time, I could visualize the painters at work, and it was as if I could feel their passion radiating from these canvases, the vibrant colors, the elaborate brush strokes and attention to minute details all brought across the message of these paintings
I spent close to two hours looking at paintings dating from the Baroque period all the way into the modern age but the paintings that really caught my eyes were those from the 17th century. Of these the ones that made an impression on me were: 1. “Virgin and child with Angel” painted in 1642 by Simon Vouet in France. This portrays a virgin half sitting, half crouching with a cherubic infant on her hips while her focus was on the basket of fruits that she was eating from, oblivious of the angel to her right that was playing with the infant in her arms. The scenery is painted overshadowed by a large tree, possibly an Oak; in the distance a lake can be seen. The simplicity of the painting and its bright colors is pleasing to the eyes and one feels a sense of serenity and peace while viewing this piece. The characters are in accord with each other and there is almost a reverent feel to this setting. The sight of the angel playing with the child is thought provoking and leads us to remember that Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary, who herself has been visited by angels. Fig 1. Virgin and Child with…...

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