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Cultural Event Paper

The goal of cultural events is bringing people with different backgrounds together. Cultural events can be very inspiring, life changing, fun, and educational. Cultural events can have a big impact on people in than they might realize. Events that get people out of their comfort zone might be uncomfortable at first but it also can be very moving. I am sure that many people are blind to the facts of trying something new but in reality trying new things can be quite interesting. You can get educated on subjects that you might not are open to. It will enable you to look past your own individual instances and go beyond the limit into different experiences and perspectives. I have always been open to people with different personalities and life morals. While I have been at college I have been introduced to a lot of unique people. There is such a large mixture of cultures here on campus. After being here for 10 weeks I decided to attend and event with my friends that we thought would be very exciting. On November 29, 2012 we went to the Drag show that was hosted by the Saluki Rainbow Network. Personally, I support the gay movement and I have no hostility toward homosexuals. I must say that this was a very exciting/ learning experience and I am very happy that I attended. When I walked in the intense decorations and the crowded ballroom surprised me. All types of people from different areas that were there to see the show surrounded me. There were people there from all types of racial and sexual backgrounds. The environment was not just strictly for homosexuals but instead they warmly welcomed everyone. It was an overall good time and I would love to attend the show again just for the outstanding entertainment. I never thought I would attend an event like that but I must say I had a great time.
I feel that people should not discriminate…...

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...Cultural Events Arts & Humanities The Gospel Concert: I believe the Gospel Concert was complete success. Hope Mime Ministry ministered because the place was high in the spirit the vibe of the atmosphere was amazing. One of artists was a kid from my hometown, I never knew that he was so gifted he performed a song called “Call His Name” and I must say it was unbelievable he touched so many people. Art Museum: The Art Museum was something brand new to me there were a ton of beautiful art work that I had never seen before. Many of the art were based on African American culture and Native American culture. Majority of the paintings in the museum symbolized the slavery times; either people going through the slavery time or escaping the slavery life to freedom. I seen a lot of paintings by Joseph such as “Living in Bondage” (Life On the Plantation), “Journey of Escape” (Freedom Realized), and lastly “Colors in Freedom” (Righteous Rejoicing). All three of these paintings tell a story together; the basic morals of the story is how you came so far from nothing all the way to being set free just by making your own traveling experience out of the suffering. NCCU Students' Talent Night: During the week of Installation of Dr. Debra Saunders- White a talent night show was held in the B. N. Duke Auditorium there was a lot of talent shown from the jazz ensemble, praise dances, and also some amazing singing groups. I never knew NCCU had so much talent. I honesty felt like that was something......

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... Cultural Event Critique Professor Gonzalez November 24, 2015 November 30, 2015 The Young Lord in New York held by El Museo del Barrio By Steffany Estevez Steffany Estevez LAT 125 Cultural Event critique November 30, 2015 El Museo Del Barrio hosted an event of The Young Lords in New York in which explores the legacy of the Young Lords in East Harlem, the Bronx and the Lower East Side, focusing on specific political events that the Young Lords organized in these locations. I attended to this event on November 24, 2015, presented by the museum. El Museo’s exhibition draws from works in the museum’s own collection including copies of the Young Lords weekly newspaper,” Palante”. It also explores the legacy of the Young Lords and the relationship between art and activism. Images by photographer Hiram Maristany that feature the Young Lords’ Garbage Offensive, their takeover of the First Spanish Methodist Church of East Harlem (later renamed by the Young Lords as The People’s Church), their free morning breakfast program, the rerouting of a TB-testing truck and the funeral of Julio Roldán everything was highlighted in the exhibition. The Young Lords founded in Chicago in September 1968, the Young Lords Organization later developed a chapter in New York City in July 1969 when various groups came together in the interest of neighborhood improvement and Puerto Rican self-determination. The New York...

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...Cultural Event Report: Visiting a Museum Professor Griffin Humanities - World Culture I – HUM 111 December 11, 2011 On October 28, 2011 I attended a Cultural Event in my local area at the Augusta Museum of History called “Local Legends exhibition”; which is located in Augusta, Georgia. I attended alone, whereas I seen others coupled there was a large turnout I would say a hundred or people attended the event. My initial reaction upon arriving was did I make the correct choice in choosing this exhibition, Augusta has so many Museums and I didn’t realize it until I started passing back them as I was headed to the Museum of History, I ask myself which cultural event do I want to attend, will this exhibition that I’m attending be interesting and full of attractions that are captivating, exciting and ideal. Throughout, my visit to the Augusta Museum of History the most rewarding experiences that I’ve gathered are quite intriguing. One of which is the exhibition of the late Mr. James brown, known as “The Godfather of Soul.” “World-renowned music star James Brown (May 3, 1933 - December 25, 2006) called the Augusta-area home his entire life. Born in Augusta and maintaining a home in Beech Island, South Carolina until his death on Christmas Day in 2006, Brown maintained a business presence in Augusta while managing a steady international touring schedule. Local honors to the legendary musician include the renaming of the Augusta-Richmond County Civic......

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