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Culture: Everyone Has It!

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March 24, 2016 American Culture: Going to the Movies Friday, the beginning of the weekend for most people, is when Americans headed to the movie theatres. It makes sense in a way since most movies are released on Fridays. Going to movies remains America’s popular social ritual even during times of economic downturn. The end of the year and summer are the two peak seasons for movie goers. Most Americans easily recall the names of characters featured in a particular film from decades ago. It is not unusual to hear people make references to a movie during a conversation or when trying to help people understand a particular social issue or activity, “It reminds me of the character in such and such movie”. People of all age enjoy going to the movies. For teens and young adults it remains a preferred spot for dates. In the minds of many young people a “good date” still consists of eating dinner out and watching a good movie.
The proliferation of the movie industry made movies accessible adding to its popularity. It is easy to find numerous movie theatre locations in major cities and towns across the United States. As the movie industry expanded so did the sophistication and complexity of the movie theatres. Multiplex theaters have now the capacity to run multiple movies in different rooms simultaneously. Luxury theaters are equipped with large auditoriums, stadium style seats with oversized chairs. Some even provide full kitchen and bar services for customers.
Even after the age of television, people still continue going to the movie theaters. The multiplex cinema centers made it convenient for movie goers to eat dinner or shop around before the movie starts. Gone are the days of standing in long lines to buy tickets. Thanks for technology people can buy their tickets from kiosks…...

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