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Report Of Creating A
Of Customer Care

China Mobile
“Communication begins in the mind” of the service concept of adhering to the “communication begins in the mind” service concept, China Mobile, to full service support system (urban and rural areas across the country more than 72,000 sales outlets, clubs and the customer service hotline), unified the cost of settlement systems (including bank debit, telephone recharge cards, direct mode of payment of such fees and billing services) constitutes a comprehensive, all-weather three-dimensional network, 7×24hours of labour services to personalized customer service philosophy to meet the diverse customer group, individual needs.
Qualitative feedback: 1. Office of the counter in the mobile, there is a customer satisfaction machine, every time a customer service staff for a finished, even if customers rate the service staff. 2. Interactive survey system a. Regular surveys of customer service communications company satisfaction: if dropped rate it? Customer service attitude right? Timely? Where there is no mobile phone signal over it? b. Periodic surveys of communications products company awareness in the user mind: such as investigation fixed telephone users can now call long-distance direct dial much? Or dial IP more? Regular use of the telephone QQ chat? c. Communication before the introduction of new products, the market for some time do first questionnaire survey of user views on the upcoming new products, will use the charges are satisfied with the pricing?
Quantitative feedback: 1. Tel feedback: when customers use mobile communications network of any problems encountered and ideas, can call 10086 register your manual service issues and recommendations, and then customer service will 24 submitted to and resolved within hours and give you…...

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