Cyber Physical Systems and Public Utility in India

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P roject Sci entist, Odisha Spac e Ap p lica t ion s Cen t re
Dep artm ent of Sci en ce & Techn olo g y, Go vt . of Od ish a
P h on e: +91- 890 8757907,
Email: gan es hpa t ra 099@ gmai l .com

Class X
(Board of Secondary Education)
Class XII
(Council of Higher Secondary Education)


B.S.K Vidyapitha,Baunshagadia

76.53 %


Nayagarh Junior College, Nayagarh.

77.89 %

B.Tech (Computer Sc. & Engineering)


Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology,


M.Tech (Computer Sc. & Engineering)


Utkal University, Bhubaneswar





Key works taken

Dot Net Developer

Ajatus Software,


Development of Software
Applications, Requirement
Database design.

Project Scientist

Odisha Space Applications
Centre, Govt. Of Odisha.


Development of Software, & Web GIS
Applications and its implémentation, IT and hardware support.

& Web

Developed Projects
1. Internal Project, ORSAC Website
Description: It is an internal project of ORSAC for redeveloping the ORSAC Website. it has been hosted at .Technologies C#, MS.NET 4.0, Asp.Net MVC4, Entity Framework 6, Asp.Net
2. Tribal Products Procurement & Storage Information System, TDCCOL, Odisha
Description: It is a MIS project of TDCCOL for storing information about procured tribal products with SMS based as well as form based way. The system finally generates required reports with lots of calculations. This web based application is used by around 28 Branches of 23 Districts of TDCCOL.
Website: . Technologies .NET 4.0, Asp.Net Web Forms, Ajax Control tool Kit

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