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The frist reason I love Dalat city that everyone may agree the beautiful lanscape. When traveller go to Dalat which is a thousand pine trees. Around two km from the center city Dalat flower park is famours about a variety of flowers like tulips, roses and cherry blossoms so I was completely impressed by the wildflower were on the roadsides, on the hillsides. It seems the flowers appear everywhere. If you are in good shape, you can go to the Lang Biang mountain. Standing on the top of mountain, tourists can see view of the whole wide area of Da Lat city. It is very exciting discover.
The another what I like Dalat is that the delicous fresh food. Thank to nature born specialties vegetable and fruit products. Especially salad have mixed fresh vegetables.This makes Dalat foods more different than other. If you are looking for a good food, do not miss to eat street food which made with freshest ingredients such as grilled corn, sweet potato and spring roil so on
The last factor to be mention is people in Dalat. They are very friendly and optimistic. I stayed there five days and recognized a lot. People living here are mainly tribal people who word hard to earn their living and always optimistic about their life.Although the fist time I met them I get a friendly smile. At the store some of the vendors seem happy to give me a sample of some local wine or a few candied strawberries when I buy some gift for my family and friend.
If you have a plan to travel on your vacation. I recommend a visit Dalat is not only a beautiful nature, it is good food and friendly…...

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