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UK data retention requirements information data retention and disposal

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Each type of data within an organisation should be identified and classified. Once this has been completed and during periodic reviews, it is necessary to define the retention and disposal policy. Business data records should be assessed for the statutory and legal requirements, business and accountability requirements and the risks associated with keeping or disposing of the data records.
A records management system or schedule of data retention criteria can be used to document the data records, the requirements and the security controls needed for their identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention and disposal. There are a large number of statutes, case law and regulations defining how long some data must be kept for before it is destroyed — some of which are outlined on the following pages. A few requirements such as records of wages apply to almost all sectors, but we have listed some specific requirements for the communications, financial and governmental sectors. Other sectors have equally important requirements. The exact minimum retention period varies with the specific data type, and the starting date is often context related e.g. period from an event like an accident, retirement or the advertisement of a product. This document is based on the previous work by InTechnology Ltd:
Making Sense of Data Law, A review by InTechnology of legislation and regulation concerning data storage in the UK and Europe InTechnology Ltd, April 2004

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