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15-213/18-213 Fall 2012 Data Lab: Manipulating Bits Assigned: Thu, Aug 30, Due: Thu, Sep 13, 11:59PM Last Possible Time to Turn in: Sun, Sep 16, 11:59PM

For the fastest response, please contact the staff via the mailing list ( for questions about the assignment.

1 Introduction
The purpose of this assignment is to become more familiar with bit-level representations of common patterns, integers, and floating-point numbers. You’ll do this by solving a series of programming “puzzles.” Many of these puzzles are quite artificial, but you’ll find yourself thinking much more about bits in working your way through them.

2 Logistics
• This is an individual project. All handins are electronic using the Autolab service. • You should do all of your work in an Andrew directory, using either the shark machines or a Linux Andrew machine.

3 Logging in to Autolab
All 15-213 labs are being offered this term through a Web service developed by CMU students and faculty called Autolab. Before you can download your lab materials, you will need to update your Autolab account. Point your browser at the Autolab front page You will be asked to authenticate via WebISO. After you authenticate this first time, Autolab will prompt you to update your account information with a nickname. Your nickname is the external name that identifies 1

you on the public scoreboards that Autolab maintains for each assignment, so pick something interesting! You can change your nickname as often as you like. Once you have updated your account information, click on “Save Changes” button, and then select the “Home” link to proceed to the main Autolab page. If you added the class late, you might not be included in Autolab’s list of valid students. In this case, you won’t see the 15-213/18-213 course listed on your Autolab home page. If this happens, just contact the…...

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