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16 December 2012
David: Hero, King and Prophet
There is no doubt that King David is one of the most outstanding biblical and historical figures, who also inspired artists of all epochs to make him a hero of their work. His role was special as the second King of Israel and as a human ancestor of Jesus Christ. Thus, one can state for sure that this personality is of great importance both for Judaism and Christianity and embodies devotion to God and the idea of authority blessed by God as well.
Most of information on David can be found in the Books of Samuel and Ruth. Historically, David was one of eight sons of Jesse, who in his turn descended from Judas. In the Old Testament books, it is mentioned that he was handsome, physically strong, had red hair and was an outstanding musician. He started by helping his father to care about the herd and quite succeeds in doing so. Even at a young age, he demonstrates courage as a shepherd when a lion and bear attack the herd. He conquers in the battle with beasts, for which he gains his first glory. In fact, it should be mentioned, that being a shepherd is more than a narrative element which is mentioned in the Bible. In fact, this role of David is foreshadowing his future position of Israeli ruler.
In the scriptures, a shepherd is often a positive idea that implies being in charge of people. Even God has been compared to a shepherd not once like for instance in the following passage: ‘Then he blessed Joseph and said, “May the God before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac walked faithfully, the God who has been my shepherd all my life to this day”( Genesis 48:15).
Yet, though David seems to be blessed by God for glorious deed from early years, it should be also noted that his story conveys an idea that one cannot take all the glory at once but work hard in order to prove his devotion…...

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