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A short introduction
A website provides the customers with comprehensive information of evaluation on different software. Doing promotions for new software offered by different companies by offering Trial pack. The market is based on the background of UK.

The product or service –a description of the product or service
A numeral of the experts will be recruited to offer professional, objective and detailed evaluation of the software, which will provide useful guidelines for consumers. Furthermore, various trial packs of software will also be provided for browsers who want to experience on in advance.

Target market and benefits
There are three categories for consumers as follows:
1. basic information such as price and updated news for general browsers;
2. detailed and original comparison between different software and access to buy trial packs for free registered members;
3. VIP members who paid the membership fee can enjoy the above two services and regular discounts when they buy trial packages on our website. In addition, they can receive free a pack of software as a gift which was selected by our professional staffs according to their interests.
As for suppliers who explore new software, we can provide a platform to promote and popularize their products, especially for those who are not renowned.

In order to operate effectively, we position our enterprise as an intermediary between software developer and consumers. Moreover, we aim to be a leading enterprise which provides promotion and marketing service of software in the UK.
In order to attract browsers, we will advertise our website on other popular websites and mass media. BBS is available for buyers to give their feedbacks of software and exchange their using experiences. Professional experts will be recruited to offer horizontal assessments of different software for…...

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