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Why link Textbases?

The main reason that you link textbases together is to avoid having to replicate information that is common to many records or to more than one textbase. By storing the common information in one textbase, you can reference it from other textbases.

Deciding which textbases to link is an important, but not difficult, decision. Typically, you use linking to model a many-to-one relationship between different types of records.

In the simplest case, a many-to-one relationship can be accomplished with multiple entries in a field. For example, many phone calls to a particular customer can be logged in a single field in the customer record. However, if you need to track separately the date of the call, the person initiating the call, and a summary of the discussion, you should use linking instead. Create a record in a separate textbase for each call, and link these records back to the customer. Then it is easy to track how many call were made in a particular week, how many were made by a particular staff member, and so forth.

You can link a textbase to one or more other textbases to access the combination of information that you need. By linking textbases, you can conserve disk space and reduce or eliminate duplication of effort. You can access information from several textbases at once, but you only have to maintain the information in the textbase from which it originates. For example, a patron’s name and address can be stored in one textbase, but can be seen, searched, sorted, and printed from any record which links to it. If a patron’s address changes, you can edit the record in the Patrons textbase, and any linked records will show the new address.

Linking is done dynamically, by matching information in a field common to the linked textbases. If both textbases contain the same information in the specified field, a link is make for a…...

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