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The Negative Effects of Police Deception in Interrogation

Andrew Maynard
CJUS 420-B02
Mr. Jeffery Fox
July 1, 2013

The Negative Effects of Police Deception in Interrogation

Police interrogation today is defined as; Interrogation is police questioning a suspect in order to find answers about a crime that has been committed. The suspect that is being questioned by police is entitled to know his or her rights. The evidence in the trial will be in admissible if the interrogator of the suspect does not inform the suspect of his or her rights ("Interrogation law and," 2001). In Miranda v. Arizona, the Supreme Court ruled that the police have to read to the suspect detained the rights they are given under the Constitution U.S. Legal (2001). These rights protect the individual from falling into the trap of deceptive interrogation. Many people do not understand that if they just kept quiet and wait for a lawyer, their so-called innocence can be saved. Deceptive interrogation by law is acceptable, with the reading of the Miranda rights, and the police will use this tool as much as they can as long as it doesn’t exceed the boundaries they are placed under. Deceptive interrogation is unnecessary for law enforcement to exercise in order to convict the accused.
Today’s methods of interrogation are more mental then physical as mentioned before. There are several tools police can use as a means of deceiving a suspect in order to obtain a confession or information. One common strategy is the use of fabricated documents. In the Case State v. Cayward, a man sexually assaulted a 5-year-old girl and killed her. Cayward, being the suspect, the police could not convict him for the crime. The prosecutor in the case told the police to fabricate documents containing evidence from Cayward. During an interview with Cayward, the police revealed the convincing fabricated documents…...

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