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Decision-Making Process
Sean S. Thuok
August 11, 2014
Dr. Johnson-Lutz

Decision-Making Process
There has been a time in everyone’s life where he or she had to make a personal or professional decision such as purchasing a home, changing careers, enrolling in higher education, or relocating to another state or region. In this paper I will explain the process in which I have use to enroll at University of Phoenix.
Before taking the final steps in enrolling at the University of Phoenix, I have attempted higher education a couple times in the past. There were some factors that made my previous attempts unsuccessful. One main reason was due to working full-time and living on my own hours away from my family. I have always attempted to work full-time and to attend school full-time, it is really exhausting when work is Monday through Friday and night classes were Monday through Thursday. That was a reason to the unsuccessful completion of college. Flash forward to 2012, my cousin made me reconsider about going back to college after she enrolled with University of Phoenix and told me about the flexibility and full-time courses. I was on board immediately and got in touch with an advisor at the university. My decision making process was not too complex.
My decision making process was simply to evaluate where I was in life career-wise. I felt I had reached my maximum with only a high school diploma; so having a bachelor would open many more doors with the experience I have already obtained. Also, financially what will it cost me to attend, thankfully there were grants, and loans that helped pushed me to continue on without the burden of payments while attending. Finally, the flexibility, it allows me to attend ground once a week right after work. Attending classes once a week was perfect for me, it does not take away too much time from my social…...

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