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HP is one of the world’s leading Computer software, hardware and service corporations which provide services globally in all industrial areas such as health, agriculture and education. It was founded in 1938 by Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett as a garage company with its initial launch developing any type of gadget, software and equipment then later evolved over the years. It’s the only major company that succeeded during the economic downturn. HP went public in 1957 and had an initial investment of $US 538. Its current income as at 31 October 2011 is $US 127.2 billion with the current CEO and President as Meg Whitman. Over the years HP has acquired over 116 companies. In the Hp’s 2012 Fortune 500 ranking, HP was ranked number 10 which was an improvement from number 11 the previous year.
This essay will critically examine how Organisation Behaviour, Decision Making, Strategic Management, Maori Business and Human Resources and Industrial Relations can be interlinked to improve HP’s business performance and standards.

Organisational Behaviour
Organisational behaviour is defined as the study of impact of behaviour in organisations on organisational (e.g effectiveness), individual (self-esteem) and social (e.g racial discrimination) outcomes. (A.J Mills et al, 2006)
Communication is defined as the process of sending and receiving symbols with meaning attached, (VMS 2010). Old HP emphasised on informal communication which act as a valuable purpose in expressing certain information that cannot be channelled through official channels. A very good example of informal communication is that of the open door policy that was incorporated in the “old HP” where any employee could approach even the president with new ideas and the ‘beer busts’ where everyone could socialize. Informal communication satisfies people’s desires to identify with what was happening in the…...

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