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3612 Elk Horn TRL SW (770) 658-7884 Atlanta, Ga. 30349

A challenging growth-orient it position, utilizing a strong background in clerical, strong computer skills and administrative duties in the management arena.

·*Program Specialist 2007 to 2011
Arapahoe County Department Human Services, Aurora, Co
Maintained ongoing cases files for Food Stamp and/or Family Medical Programs Verified continuance on eligibility with documentation provide by the client. Prepared the monthly report. Data entry. Provided support to other areas within the agency included but not limited to other Program Specialist with their cases load in a monthly basis. Processed new applications after verifying if client has been in the system. Performed interview to current clients and new clients. Processed newborn medical assistance with information provided by the hospital. Sent cases suspected of fraud to the Investigation Unit to determine if fraud has been committed. A percentage of 99% of cases submitted for investigation was proven of committing fraud.

*Clerk 2007 to 2007
Job Store/Arapahoe County Department Human Services, Littleton, Co
Verified the status of each application for Family Medicaid with the used of CBMS. Transferred open cases to the appropriate Specialist. Cases data entry; programs and their status on Family Med Log In also assisted specialist translating for Hispanic community.

*CBMS Technician 2005 to 2005
Job Store/El Paso County Department Human Services, Colorado Springs, Co
I was involved in cleansing cases after conversion data were missing. A comparison between documentation on file (hard copy), and data transferred to new System (CBMS). Also helped on Special Project (Katrina…...

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...GOLD MOUNTAIN SKI RESORT You work for a venture firm and have been asked to analyze a proposal from a group of investors interested in building a new ski area in Colorado. The demand for skiing is growing and existing resorts have raised prices and reported record profits for the last two seasons. Gold Mountain’s business strategy is to offer the ultimate ski experience; short lift lines, uncongested ski slopes, and spectacular scenery. With a 2,500 foot vertical drop, 10 trails, and one triple (three person) ski lift, it can provide a very uncongested ski resort. The planned triple-person lift delivers a chair every 20 seconds, 180 chairs per hour (3 chairs per minute, 60 minutes per hour), or 540 skiers per hour (180 chairs per hour, 3 skiers per chair). This puts an average of only 54 skiers per hour on each of the 10 trails. Some trails will be more popular than others, but this average number of skiers per trail per hour is still below the industry average. The cost to build the ski runs, parking lots, and buildings and to erect the chair lift is $52M. To raise this amount of capital requires an annual financing cost (debt service & dividends) of $8.3M. The annual fixed operating cost (land lease, utilities, labor, taxes, and insurance) of the ski resort is projected to be $4.1M. For each 100 skiers per day, additional employees must be hired to staff the ticket office, ski patrol, parking lots, etc. The daily cost of the additional labor is $200 per 100 skiers per......

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...SKI RESORTS IN THE USA CASE STUDY [pic] TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Abstract……………………………………………………………………...3 3. Question 1…………………….……………………………………………4-6 4. Question 2……………….…………………………………………………6-8 5. Question 3…………………….……………………………………………8-9 6. Question 4….…………………………………….…………………..……9-10 7. Conclution…..………….………………………………………………….…10 8. References……..………………………………………………………….11-12 Abstract This case study focuses on the problem of how management is becoming more and more important in many different fields of life. In this case, how good management can contribute to ski resorts. It observes and answers to the four important questions: In the first part it is explained what are the mainly changes in the business environment that have occurred 30 years ago, and how they effected ski resorts. The next part shows why management becomes more and more important for the survival and success of the ski resorts comparing it to 30 years ago. How competition from Europe has influenced ski resorts in the USA, and the discussion about the competition between the Colorado resorts and the other resorts from the east is made. In the last part the focus is on the predictions in the future, how will environment and future of the ski resorts change. Question 1: What are the most important changes in the environment that have contributed to the drop in revenues? From the period of......

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...  1. Assume that the before-tax required rate of return for Deer Valley is 14%. Compute the before-tax NPV of the new lift and advise the managers of Deer Valley about whether adding the lift will be a profitable investment. Show calculations to support your answer. Investment = $2,000,000 + $1,300,000= $3, 300,000 Inflow = 300 Skiers *40 days*$55/ skier/day = $660,000 Outflow = (200days*$500/day) = $100,000 PV @14% = ($660,000- $100,000) * 6.623= $3,708,880 NPV = $3,708,880- $3,300,000 = $408,880 Adding the new lift is a profitable investment, the lift will create value of $408,880 2. Assume that the after-tax required rate of return for Deer Valley is 8%, the income tax rate is 40%, and the MACRS recovery period is 10 years. Compute the after-tax NPV of the new lift and advise the managers of Deer Valley about whether adding the lift will be a profitable investment. Show calculations to support your answer. After cash flow equals $560,000*.6 = $336,000 Cash flows at 8% = $336,000*9.818 = $3,298,848 Tax savings equals $3, 300,000 *.4*.7059 = $931,788 NPV after Tax equals $3,298,848 =$931,788 - $3, 300,000 = $930,636 The lift is has more value after tax than before taxes 3. What subjective factors would affect the investment decision?  Inclement weather will have a factor on additional skiers  Less crowding which in turn makes of more satisfied customers  Other items purchased by additional skiers such as food and rental equipment...

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