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Abuse Reporting Paper
Gria Jacobs, Amy Mathias, Cathy Schultz, Barbara Spencer, Debra Tatum
BSHS 332
June 18, 2012
Richard Van Cleave

Abuse Reporting Paper Every state is responsible for designing and implementing its own abuse reporting laws. The laws share a common goal and purpose, to protect children, the elderly, and spouse whose health and welfare is adversely affected through abuse and neglect. Every state is analogous in requiring responsible parties to report child, elderly and domestic abuse of any kind, physical neglect, medical neglect, verbal abuse, physical or emotional injury, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and inadequate supervision as well as financial exploitation. Although laws exist that mandate certain individuals, such as medical, and hospital personnel, social service workers, childcare workers and other professionals to report any type of abuse, every individual has an obligation under the law to report suspected child and elderly abuse. Though ethical dilemmas of reporting child and elderly abuse exist, these concerned are discussed and recommendations are integrated within the laws that subsist. The ethical duty of a human service professional is to act in the best interested of the children and elderly by safeguarding and reporting concern. A professional is to respect the integrity and welfare of the client at all times, respecting and protecting his or her right to privacy and confidentiality. However, when it is suspected that danger or harm may occur to the client the human service professional should act in the best manner to protect the safety of the client. Laws for child and elderly abuse exist to ensure that they are entitled to fair and equal treatment. Without laws to prevent abuse, there may be no way for children, the elderly, and spouse to stop others from treating them unfairly. States laws often…...

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...Depression Paper Jennifer Ridgeway Herrick PSY/270 August 18, 2013 Tanya Harrell Depression Paper Most people’s moods will come and go without incident. Their feelings of elation or sadness are understandable reactions to daily events and do not affect their lives greatly or the lives of people around them. The moods of people with mood disorders, in contrast, tend to last a long time. Their mood colors all of their interactions with the world and interferes with normal functioning of their daily lives. (Comer, 2011) According to the American Journal of Psychiatry, Patients with bipolar disorder differ from patients with unipolar depression by having family histories of mania with an earlier onset and by having more episodes over a lifetime. Their study was designed to determine whether additional aspects of course of illness, the presence of medical diseases, childhood traits, and other familial illnesses separate the two groups. The group of bipolar patients had an earlier onset, a more acute onset, more total episodes, andmore familial mania and were more likely to be male. These differences were relatively independent of each other. The bipolar patients were also more likely to be hyperactive as children. The unipolar patients had a significantly greater number of lifetime medical/surgical interventions than the bipolar patients, even when age was controlled. Alcoholism was more prevelant in the families of the bipolar patiens, even when alcoholism in the......

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...Depression Paper Gabrielle Piperno PSY 270 January 12, 2014 Stephanie Sencil-White Depression Paper Depression is defined as a low, sad state in which life seems dark with overwhelming challenges (Comer, 2012). Mania is considered the opposite of depression as it results in feeling of euphoria and frenzied energy; these two definitions combined are classified as bipolar disorder (Comer, 2012). Unipolar depression is when an individual suffers from depression that lacks bouts of mania (Comer, 2012). Depression, and or symptoms of depression, can affect everyone during one or more stages of life. Some individuals experience times in their lives when they consider themselves to be depressed; in actuality this is most likely a normal mood swing due to a temporary unpleasant circumstance. Upon information and belief, nearly 7 percent of the adult population in the United States suffers from a severe form of unipolar depression, with 5 percent of American’s suffering from mild forms of depression (Comer, 2012). Of the percentage of individuals suffering from unipolar depression, at least 50 percent of those individuals recover anywhere from 6 weeks to one year; in certain case treatment was not required (Comer, 2012). There are many cause that can be attributed to depression and unipolar forms of depression; some of these causes are due to biological factors and environmental factors (Comer, 2012). Neurotransmitters, when defective, may lead to depression. It is believed......

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...Name Class Date Institution Depression and Suicide It is being indicated by research that suicide is ranked as the third main reason of death among youth between the age of fifteen to twenty four, in addition to the reasons of homicide and accidents. It is obvious that the people who are taking care of young individuals like their parents who are adult must have information of any disturbing element of their children, if there is any. Usually, people commit suicide due to the reason of depression and anxiety (Beautrais, 2003). Depression is a disease. It has different physical as well as chemical symptoms. It is usually misunderstood by particularly those people who have not touched it or people usually misdiagnose this who leads a bad day. Depression can be taken credited by those people who end battling habit. It can be arises in people like artists, actors, musicians, writers and comedians. Drugs, alcohol, laughs, an audience which is appreciative, all are the reasons for some to avoid blackness. Robbin Williams has gone through depression and it is most probably the cause of his life end (Schildberger, 2014). Experts have pointed out that behaviors of suicide in youth are normally due to different risk factors of social, individual, economical and familial, with psychological health problems playing a significant role in the total mix. For expressing it another way, suicidal is the reason of a perfect blast of difficult, interrelated mental problems, most of...

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...Depression is not an inclination, nor is it a feeling. It is an emotional instability that influences numerous individuals. It has been around for a huge number of years. Depression comes in numerous structures. It influences all races, ethnicities, and religions. Depression is defined as “a condition of mental disturbance characterized by such feelings to a greater degree than seems warranted by external conditions, typically with lack of energy and difficulty maintaining concentration or interest in life”. (New Oxford American Dictionary). Major depressive disorder also known as unipolar depression or recurrent depressive disorder is the most severe depressive disorder out of all of the depressive in my estimation.  Major depressive disorder is a condition in which affects a person’s family, work or school life, sleeping, eating and general health. It is important to emphasize that we can understand the mechanics of this disorder and how it affects people with major depressive disorder. Etiology By understanding who gets a particular illness it is possible to better develop methods to control, treat, and prevent a particular condition. However, depression is so widely experienced by so many people it is important to establish the patterns that might further help manage this disorder. It is clear that depression impacts many people personality and professionally, it dramatically reduces the quality and quantity if creative and productive work and often ruining people’s......

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...A Research Paper: Depression Depression is defined as a mental illness in which a person experiences deep, unshakable sadness and diminished interest in nearly all activities. The term depression is used to describe the temporary sadness, loneliness, or blues that everyone feels from time to time. Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses. The illness affects all people, regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic standing. Women are two to three times more likely than men to suffer from depression. Some depression seems to come out of the blue, even when things are going well. Others seem to have an obvious cause such as a marital conflict, financial difficulty, or some personal failure. Most psychologists believe depression results from an interaction between stressful life events and a person’s biological and psychological vulnerabilities. Depression runs in families also. Genetically identical twins raised in the same environment are three times more likely to have depression in common than fraternal twins, who have only about half of their genes in common. In addition, identical twins are five times more likely to have bipolar disorder in common. Studies have shown that certain brain chemicals called neurotransmitters play an important role in regulating moods and emotions. Neurotransmitters involved in depression include nor epinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin. Studies have also suggested a relationship between neurotransmitter...

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