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Deputy Sheriff James Fitzgerald Tavernier, Fl
How long at your current position? Monroe county sheriff office 8 ½ yrs. Road patrol 2 yrs -transferred to court security protection of judges magnatomer 61/2
What other positions have you held in law enforcement and for how long? HS 1971- Miami dade community college criminology - criminal justice. Police cadet during school - part time Miami pd- police recruit for the pol academy may 7, 1973 - October 19 - Miami police full-time - afternoon shift 5 yrs also fire arms instructor-married oct 1974 transferred to school resource - Miami senior high school. 18yr -taught law enforcement classes -transferred back to Miami patrol -coconut grove beach area patrol(atv’s) -2yrs - transferred to regular patrol 5yrs -retired after 30yrs Miami jan 11, 2004 -monroe county sheriff’s dept jan12, 2004 deputy sheriff (key largo midnight patrol) 2yrs - transferred to court security to present.
What is your highest education? Criminal justice 1 1/2yr
Do you plan to further your education? no
What are your strengths? Know job well and how to handle various calls for service
What are your weaknesses? Keeping up with advancements in technology
What do you like best about your job? Helping citizens with their problems involving police matters
What do you dislike about your job? Administration of the department too much negativity-officers not getting the recognition they deserve
Are there any areas you need improving on and if so which ones?
Why did you choose this profession?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?
Any advice for me in the criminal justice…...

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