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Desperate Air: What would I do?

Management is often faced with ethical dilemmas that have no clear cut correct answer. In our case study, (1)Desperate Air, George Nash, Vice President of Real Estate faces a conflict of values similar to the CEO in Seglin’s article, “How to Make Tough Ethical Calls”. They both want to tell the truth and they want to protect their companies, their investors, their employees, and their own livelihood. Neither Mr. Nash nor the CEO conducted a through examination of the problem they faced. I believe the decision to remain silent made by both Nash and the CEO to be short sighted, based solely on short term profit, and would not have been the route I would have taken.

Given the same set of circumstances Nash faced, I would have applied the RDCAR framework discussed in our lecture- acknowledged the problem, assembled information, performed a thorough evaluation of the information and situation, supported an ethical resolution internally and reflected on the results of the outcome before making a recommendation to management. Nash correctly recognized the ethical predicament he was faced. He learned that toxic waste was seeping into the ground of the property that his company needs to sell in order to delay becoming bankrupt. He is conflicted between remaining silent and closing the sale immediately. Remaining silent will help his company stay solvent which in turns results in people (including himself) remaining employed. While speaking up and informing Fledgling about the toxic waste could delay or destroy the sale his company desperately needs to return to positive cash flow. Nash failed to discover any further facts that could have assisted his decision making process. I would have created a team made up of internal personnel to work with a different environment audit team to discover additional information. I would…...

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