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Detailed Worldview Outline
Introduction: I define a worldview as the way we interpret the world. Every person has a worldview that is taught and formed at a young age. As one gets older, their worldview can change a little but the essentials will remain the same. These seven questions are going to reveal my worldview and how I comprehend reality when it relates to particular situations. * Who is God and what are His characteristics? * God is the creator of the universe. * God is forgiving. We as human beings sin. God sees when we have sin. The day we commence a relationship with God, He will forgive us from the sins we have committed. Although He forgives, one has to be prepared to be judged and punished. * What is a human being and what happens when you die? * A human being is a creation of God. * When one dies, the “good” people who had a relationship with God will be sent to heaven into God’s hands. * What is the nature of the universe? * The nature of the universe came from the creation from our Lord being an element of existence. * Existence should not be questioned, something exists merely because it exist. * How do you know what you know? How do you know what is true? * I know what I know by my parents and the bible. * I find these sources reliable and trustworthy because my family and I have always had a strong trust in our Lord; if Jesus said He was real then He was. * What is right and wrong or how can we know there is a right and wrong? * I believe that God knows and taught us from the beginning what is right and wrong. * If there was no God, we would not know what is right and wrong leaving the population to decide for themselves what is correct and incorrect. * Is life…...

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...My worldview is the set of beliefs about fundamental aspects of Reality that ground and influence all my perceiving, thinking, knowing, and doing (see What is a Worldview?). My worldview includes my beliefs about the nature and sources of knowledge (my epistemology), my beliefs about the ultimate nature of Reality (my metaphysics), my beliefs about the origins and nature of the universe (my cosmology), my beliefs about the meaning and purpose of the universe and its inhabitants (my teleology), my beliefs about the existence and nature of God (my theology), my beliefs about the nature and purpose of Man (my anthropology), and my beliefs about the nature of value and the value of things (my axiology). The general beliefs that are my worldview shape not only how I see the world, but also profoundly influence the particular beliefs I come to hold, the judgements and decisions I make, and all that I think, say, and do. My worldview is so fundamental to what I do, and indeed, what I am, that it would be intellectually dishonest for me not to offer it for examination. If you are to understand me and to understand what I say and do, you must know something of my worldview. So I set it forth for you here, not in the form of a lengthy argument, but as a set of assertions. I believe them to be true, but I leave it to you to reflect on them yourself and judge their validity. I am a Christian, and my worldview is a biblical Christian worldview. So I have decided to present it in the...

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...A Worldview is your own way of looking at a topic based upon your own filters and screens. As example a newborn baby has a very limited worldview. They soon learn that crying brings a response so therefore they cry when they are hungry, wet, or restless. As the child grows to adulthood their screens and filters also expand and therefore their worldview changes. Many authors have attempted to answer the question of Man’s Origin, their Identity, the purpose of Life, Morality and our Destiny. This paper will discuss the Christian view of these questions using the Bible as the reference. Origin is defined in the first Chapter of the book of Genesis. Genesis 1:39 and 1:27 explains how God created both man and women in his own image. This viewpoint regarding Origin is carried consistently throughout the Bible. In Psalm 139:13, David’s writing expresses “for you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Identity questions what it is like to be human and/or whether humans are more important than animals? The Bible specifically answers this question. Genesis 1:28 states that after God created man and women he blessed them and ordered Man to rule over the fish, birds, and all other animal. Psalm 8:6 also gives an example how The Lord our God made Man and destined him throughout the Bible to be a ruler over the earth. The Meaning or Purpose of life also has a very common thread throughout the Bible. Ironically the Bible does not define “purpose of......

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...Worldview Jeffrey Smith Theo 104-D86 11/25/2013 Worldview Often times the term “worldview” is given a simple definition of: the way we see he world. While this is a simple definition is goes beyond just how we see the world. As stated in the Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics “worldview is marked by the guiding premise of evaluation.” (pg. 498) It would be good to start with “who are we?” This is a very common question that many of us will ask throughout our lives. The simple answer to this question is: we are His creation. Genesis 1:27 show us that we are his creation: “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” We see that the bible tells us two times in this verse that we are created in God’s image. Since we are created in God’s image that means that we are his creation and that we are perfect in form since God is perfect. Not only did God make us in him image but also see in Job 33:4 that He gives us the very life that we have; “The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.” Without God we are nothing but with God we are perfect in His image and that through him we are given life. As we go throughout our lives and within our work place, to have a grasp of who we are in Christ, it makes it much easier to live. We can be comfortable knowing that we are love by Christ while others may not like us. Since we are loved by Christ and have that identity we......

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...Introduction to a Christian worldview A course in thinking Christianly about the whole of life Chris Gousmett (c) Chris Gousmett, 1996 This edition is produced solely for use as a course manual and is not to be sold, copied or otherwise reproduced in any form. i Contents Introduction 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7 8. 9. 10. The nature and function of worldviews Religion true and false . . . . . . . . .. . . . 1 16 30 The problem of dualism and synthesis in Christianity Major themes in a worldview: Human nature, truth, meaning, purpose . 46 Scripture as the source of a Christian worldview The contours of a Biblical worldview . . . . . . .. . . . . . 59 70 87 104 119 136 157 Structure and direction. Sin and evil. Common grace The task and calling of humankind: to care for the creation . The nature of Christian community. A Christian view of society. The Kingdom of God: God's righteous rule over the whole creation . Bibliography . . . . . . . . ii Introduction The creation of the Father, fallen in sin, is redeemed by the death of the Son of God and is being transformed by the Holy Spirit into the kingdom of God. Herman Bavinck This series of studies is designed to provide a basic introduction to a distinctively Christian worldview that seeks to see the whole gospel applied to the whole of life. This Christian worldview makes a difference, because it is significant for our life in the world. It shapes and directs our lives in important ways,......

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...Romans Worldview in My Eyes Crystal L. Davis Liberty University Abstract Understanding my worldview in current times as it relates to Romans 1 – 8. To be saved by God’s grace and live accordingly to the teachings in Bible based on what Paul wrote in Romans. How God has suffered for us and gave us a blueprint of what he expect from us as his children. Romans Worldview in My Eyes Worldviews vary depending on who you are talking to. People of different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicity view the world based on they were raised and the lifestyles they live. Romans 1-8 gives detailed views of how God expects you to live your life while on earth. So having a Theistic worldview I will use the teachings of Romans 1 – 8 to explain my current worldview. Will my current worldview be changed based on my Romans teaching? Natural World In our natural world we as people of this world aren’t faithful to God has he has been to us. Romans 5 reiterate how God died for the ungodly. God’s love for us is and has been greater for us then us as Christians and other non-followers of God show him on a daily base. Paul writes that just as we are slaves of wickedness we can become slaves of righteousness. Why live life with the result of death when we can live life with the result of eternal life. I believe if more people understood that truly the Holy Spirit could set you free from sin and death then more would turn their lives over to Christ. More so if they could gain faith in God......

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...Biblical Worldview Essay Brent Holland 07//2014 Bible 110 – D09 – LUO Professor Floyd Abstract: In the book of Romans we find a clearly painted picture of what the Christian faith is meant to like. Paul teaches many aspects of Christianity that set at the foundation of his belief system. Romans teaches us views on the natural world, human identity, human relationships and culture. Paul presents Jesus is for everybody in his petition to the Romans. Romans teaches us that salvation is resting at the fingertips of Jesus and the work he did on the cross for all mankind. Paul teaches that all Christians are called by God to sacrifice and love. The Natural world, human identity, human relationships and culture are very important topics and they each have a direct impact on this student’s worldview. Paul does a very good job in Romans giving his reader a thorough presentation of the gospel and what it means to Christianity. Paul covers a wide variety of topics in Romans 1-8 but gets to his foundational roots which are being a Christ at all cost. Natural World Paul teaches us in Romans that God is the creator of universe and all mankind. God spoke the world as we know it into existent in 6 days. Paul illustrates his depth of knowledge on this topic by communicating to the reader the truth that all know of God through his creation. He has shown himself to everyone through of creation. In Romans Paul presents the natural world...

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...Wendy Gray Biblical Worldview Assignment BIBL-104-D81 Module/Week 7 Introduction/Thesis The Book of Romans was not like the other letters (books) that Paul had written. The letter was addressed to everyone in Rome, the believers and the non-believers. As stated in Romans 1:7, “To all that be in Rome, beloved of God.” The topic of the letter was not in reference to a specific issue or crisis. Paul wrote this letter to introduce himself to the Romans and to help establish a basis of a biblical worldview. The writings within the letter, explains how with faith Christians can be justified, sanctified and glorified by God’s grace. The letter addresses the Christian view of the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and our culture. The Natural World Reading the book of Romans, helps to give an explanation of how Paul depicted the natural world when forming a Christian/biblical worldview. Think about it from the perspective of a person must know essentially where they came from before starting the framework of forming of a worldview. The bible teaches Christians that God is the creator and he created everything. In Romans, Paul describes that the natural world was created by God as it can be clearly seen (Romans 1:19-20). Paul also states that the creator should be worshiped not the created such as men, birds and animals. (Romans 1:22-23). Romans 1:25, elaborates by stating God who created everything should be honored always. However man turned away from God,...

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...Stacie Mueller CWV-101 May 5, 2014 Brett Berger Detailed Worldview Outline Introduction To be honest, the term “worldview” is completely new to me. However, in spite of the fact that I do not belong to any particular religion, I have always felt very connected to my own personal beliefs and to a higher power, so “worldview” actually feels very comfortable. I am excited to begin the challenge of answering the questions below in order to help shape and define my worldview. * Who is God and what are His characteristics? * God is a name given to a higher power; the creator of the universe and of all life forms. * God is a spirit, a parent, and a teacher: As such, his character is compassionate and forgiving. * What is a human being and what happens when you die? * Human beings are one of God’s incredibly complex life forms which are, in a sense, bodies with individual spirits. * When we die, our bodies are left behind on earth while our spirits return to heaven to be with God and our loved ones who passed before us. * What is the nature of the universe? * The universe is the major system that synchronizes the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, and life on earth. * Life on earth would not be possible without day and night made possible by earth’s rotation around the sun (lending to our sleep cycle), the warmth and light from the sun for plant growth needed for sustenance of life (including production of...

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...What is Worldview? When asking this to people you most likely will get a different answer every time. It all depends on the person you ask and what their beliefs are. According to Ken Hemphill, Life Answers, “A Worldview, whether Christian, or secular, is the unifying perspective from which we organize our thinking about life, death, art, science, faith, learning, work, money, values, and morals. A Worldview is our under lying philosophy of life.” To Summarize, a worldview is your beliefs of life through what you have seen or heard. This definition made me think. Is what I believe or my Worldview true or full of presuppositions? We, as humans tend to believe what we hear or see without doing any further research. Are our worldviews truly factual? Is one strictly a Naturalist, does not believe in God. God does not exists, Pantheist, believes reverence for the universe rather than a belief in a creator on in God, or Theists, believes God exists and there is only one God who is the creator, or can one be a combination? In reference to the following questions below which category would you fall into? When questioning the question of origin, or how did life begin? A Naturalist would answer with what you see is what you get. Naturalists do not believe in a supernatural and man has no control over their existence. When talking to a pantheist God did not create the world. Man just appeared. They do however believe in God. A Theist would tell you we were put on this earth by God.......

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...Worldview Worldview is the core of beliefs by which we view the world around us. In other words it is our intuition or perspective of our world. Our worldview is influenced by filter in our lives. Filters can vary from the Bible, to what we watch on TV, to the views our parents brought us up with. Through our filters we make decisions on how to live. How we see the world is the result of how we live our lives. The Question of Origin “How did life begin?” Biblical Worldview believes God is the creator of life. As we exam the Bible we find supporting scriptures. In “Genesis 1:26” it clearly states God created man. Also in “Genesis 2:7” it reiterates and gives detail on how man was formed by God. If we go back to “Genesis 1:1”, we see that nothing was in existence except for God, the Creator. The Question of Identity “What does it mean to be a human?” Christians identify themselves as made in God’s image “Genesis 1:26-27”. In “Genesis 1:26, 28” we see God gives humans the power to rule over animals, which explains why they say they are above animals. Also, they were called to be caretakers “Genesis 2:15”. Christians do share some of the same characteristics traits as God’s, which support their belief of being made in His image. The Question of Meaning or Purpose “Why do we exist?” Christians find meaning and purpose in their relationship with God. This relationship can only be obtained through Jesus “John14:6”. Once salvation is obtained, believers focus on......

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...Part I: What is a worldview: The word itself is getting more and more popular in today culture. Everybody has a worldview, whether or not they realize it. Worldview is set by what we see, hear, think, from your education, your culture and media the list goes on and on. Your thinking and bias thoughts affect the way we view things in life and the reality around us. Example of this would be is to say that there a type of car, no matter the year, mode or color and too me it would be considered a wonderful beautiful car in my eyes no matter what anybody else view of it is. So we all see things different in our own worldviews. Part II: Articulate the biblical/Christian world view: 1. The question of Origin: In the worldview in the bible says, God created heavens and the earth. Which is in detail in Genesis 1:1. In Psalm 19:1 it talks about God and the cosmos with meaning and humans beings and all the universe should be conceived and interpreted as a sign of God, his glory and his power. 2. The question of Identity: The worldview says that god created man. This is well known from Genesis. Also, the saying god created mankind above the animals and man was created. This is all back up in the Psalm. 3. The question of Meaning/Purpose: Is in Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge stated in colossians. Knowledge is the purpose and meaning as stated in Psalm state that true knowledge can only be acquired by a reverenced submission to the living......

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...angels" (Ps. 8:5). For us Christians we can see that God has given us special duties and guidelines on what makes us human and how we are different from his other creation, making us his most prized possession. Once we know our origins and what it means to be human, one needs to ask what the purpose or meaning of our existence. Many say we are only here to live our lives as we please and once we die, that’s it. From a Christian world view on this topic would differentiate. (Jn. 17:3) "That they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent." This is the purpose God has for us. That we may know him through the bible, and have a personal relationship with our Christ Jesus. (Mt. 6:33) But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. I exist to seek God kingdom of everlasting life. Some people say there is no difference between right and wrong. What may have been wrong in the past, could be considered right in the present. But from a biblical worldview on right and wrong we can answer through the revelation of the Holy Bible. (II Tim. 3:16) “All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness”. Not only do Christians need to live a morale life, but they need to know what the bible says about what is wrong and what is right. (Acts. 5:29) But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men. As you can......

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Worldview take a broad view about what you perceive. These experiences, memories and learnt ideas are what form your concept of a worldview. My worldview is that we are all products of our environment. My beliefs and attitudes have resulted from the process through which my education and learning has been obtained. The beliefs and attitudes that I have grown up with, to do with my education and learning, has been because of my parents and how I was raised. My experience of being raised in a military environment, living and travelling all over Australia and overseas, has also very much shaped and broadened my worldview. Every person has a different way of seeing and understanding the world. Hobson (1996) defines a worldview as ‘the primary conceptual framework within which our beliefs, values, attitudes and assumptions about ourselves and others are held’. This interpretation and view can be constructed by many things, parents, close family and the culture, religion and community we live in. So then, a worldview can be personally internal, but be shaped by external manipulations? I relate this to education and learning in the school system where a teacher is the external manipulator who absolutely influences a person’s way of being educated and their learning, and therefore, their worldview. Only some of my educational experiences have manipulated my worldview, in addition to my beliefs and attitudes. It was my parents who taught me to be independent, reliable, self-sufficient...

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...Apologetics 104 week 3  June, 4/2012  What is a worldview? : In my opinion a worldview is one's perception of the world, and how it affects the manner in which he/she responds to the world in which they live. Ken Funk (Kenneth H. Funk II, PhD, and Associate Professor at Oregon State University) in his paper “What is a worldview?” cited the German word Weltanschauug which means “worldview” as… “Seems self-evident: an intellectual perspective on the world or universe.” As well as the 1989 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary defines “Weltanschauug” as …”literally, a perception of the world…” as a particular philosophy of life; a concept of the world held by an individual or a group…” Weltanschauug is also cited in “Weider and Gutierrez’s’ text Consider as a widely accepted term and was first coined by the Prussian philosopher, Immanuel Kant in his Critique of Judgment published in 1790.” It appears that many philosophers will agree that “Worldview” is one’s perception of the world. Everyone has a “worldview” but may not be aware of this view. Conscience or not it dictates how they live or act in the world…Worldview does not necessarily have to do with a perception of the world or the planet but instead it deals with a thought process that is developed from several sources. Our culture, our environment, Parents, teachers, beliefs, and our own reasoning affect our worldview. One can have many worldviews; however the worldview that” most” allow to dictate or the view that......

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