Detective, Criminal Investigator

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Detective, Criminal Investigator
Detectives investigate crimes. They also search for and apprehend criminals. Unlike a uniformed officer, detectives follow up on crimes that have already been committed, rather than patrol the streets in order to prevent a crime. Depending on the agency, criminal investigators may work Monday to Friday, unlike uniformed officers who often work rotating shifts. However, because crime happens at all hours, detectives are subject to be called out to respond to crime scenes at all hours of the day or night, as well as weekends. Detectives and criminal investigators may specialize in specific crimes, such as Crimes against persons, Property crimes, Homicide, Sex crimes, and White collar crimes. When first called out to investigate a case, a criminal investigator can expect to work long hours. It is imperative to gather as much fresh evidence as possible and to track every fresh lead. As a result, it is not uncommon to work up to 20 hours straight, or more, after initially responding to a scene. Detectives and criminal investigators also deal compassionately with people. They should feel comfortable speaking with witnesses and suspects, as well as be prepared to answer any questions, deal with grieving families, and work closely with other components public security organizations Detectives need to be able to take control of a crime scene and feel comfortable running an investigation.
Detective, Criminal Investigator
A detective or criminal investigator is sometimes referred to as a special agent. A detective or criminal investigator protects peoples’ lives and property while collecting evidence and gathering facts for criminal cases. In the case of solving a murder, homicide investigators will assist in collecting evidence such as DNA and fingerprints at the crime scene. Homicide detectives may not manage the evidence…...

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