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11e objective of this practical was to determine the crude fat content of sunflower through semi continuous method using Soxhlet apparatus where by 5g of the sample was weighed in to extraction thimble and placed in to the extraction chamber. Then heat was applied to the flask containing the extraction solvent (ethyl ether) and the solvent builds up in the extraction chamber for 5 to 10 minutes and completely surrounds the sample then siphons back to the boiling flask.
Fat content is measured by weight loss ofthe sample or by weight of fat extracted.

The crude fat content was found to be 449o. Maleki et at.. (2003) reported that the crude fat

content of toog of sunflower is 50°ro which is slightly higher as compared to the result obtained.
This may be due to inefóciency of Soxhlet methods to extract bound lipids.


The tota) lipid content of a food is commonly determined by organic solvent extraction methods.
The accuracy of these methods greatly depends on the solubility of the lipid in the solvent used and the ability to separate the lipids fom complexes with other macromolecules. The lipid content of a food determined by extraction with one solvent may be quite different from the content determined with another solvent of the different polarity. In addition to solvent extraction methods there are non-solvent wet extraction methods and several instrumental methods that utilize the physical and chemical properties of lipids in foods for fat content determination.
(David and Boff, 2003)

The objective of this practical was to determine the crude fat content in sunflower through semicontinuous method using Soxhlet apparatus. For semi continuous solvent extraction, the solvent builds up in the extraction chamber for 5 to 10…...

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