Deviant Behavior

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Deviant Behavior
In Saudi Arabia, a woman is not allowed to vote. She is also not allowed to operate a vehicle. In that country, a woman's status is below a man and she is not able to obtain the same equal rights as her male counterparts. This leads me to believe that the people of Saudi Arabia still believe a woman's place is in the home and she needn't be afforded any extra rights. Saudi Arabia uses religion and tribal customs as a basis for women's rights, which is likely the reason they are not afforded many privileges. This perpetuates the belief that a woman must be submissive or second-rate, so it becomes a social norm. In the US, as part of a free country, we all have a voice and want it to be heard. We understand and acknowledge the need to be treated fairly, and we work hard to be able to get these rights enacted for the people
A person who has more power in society will likely be treated as less of a criminal, and most often times, will be punished in a civil court rather than criminal court. These higher ups usually also have great attorneys and ample money to help handle getting the case closed in their favor. A person who does not have these luxuries or notoriety will likely be appointed an over-worked, underpaid state attorney that does not spend much time on the case, regardless of his or her feelings on whether the defendant is guilty or innocent, possibly resulting in poor representation and greater consequences(Macionis, 2011).

Macionis, J. J. (2011). Society: The basics(11th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice…...

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...CheckPoint: Deviant Behavior Diadelisse Davila University of Phoenix Introduction to Sociology SOC 120 Melissa Moore July 25, 2013 CheckPoint: Deviant Behavior The definition of deviant behavior according to the dictionary is any form of behavior that is different from ‘normal’ behaviors or any behaviors that are socially accepted. A great example of deviant behavior is when a man or woman is allowed to marry multiple spouses. This kind of behavior is not only well seen in the United States or elsewhere but it is also illegal or an act of bigamy to live with multiple spouses. Some cultures see this as an act of hierarchy but to many that do not comprehend the behavior they will see it as deviant. In my outlook, some behaviors in American culture are categorized as deviant because of labeling. Our culture puts categories on many behaviors and automatically categorizes them as being deviant, such as cousins marrying each other or public bathing. In addition, when an individual has money and power and they commit an act of crime, when all is said and done they can get away with a crime either by having money or pull to get out of the problem. Just take the cases of OJ Simpson, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Michael Jackson, Robert Blake, Senator Ted Kennedy, and President Bush, just to name a few. In many cases, people that have money and power get many unique freedoms than most of us would in the same type of circumstance. If we were ever found guilty of crimes...

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...Deviant Behavior Janis Byrse SOC 120 02/16/2012 Nik Roberts Deviant Behavior In Iran listening to rap music is considered as deviant behavior. All music except music with religious lyrics was outlawed in Iran by Leaders in 1979. The leaders feel that the lyrics in rap music are blasphemy ad invasion of western cultures. Rap music is forbidden and people can receive punishment of being arrested or their business closing. The government feels that this is a deviant behavior because it has an influence on the younger generation (Chopra, 2008). The reason why listening to rap music is not considered as being deviant in the cultures in the Untied States is that people have the right to listen to what ever type of music they want. Rap artist also have the right to free speech which means they can rap about anything that they want. Listen to rap music is a norm in the societies in America. When someone who has a powerful status in society, they are not treated they same as a person who does not have a powerful status. The norms of society suggest that people with power people are not consider as deviant. When they are faced with being labeled as deviant the have numerous resources to fight the claim. While a person with no power is not able to use the same resources they are likely to be labeled as deviant and can not do anything about it (Macionis, 2011). References Chopra, A. (04/16/2008). Rebels of rap reign in Iran. Retrieved from......

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