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Section 9-1

1. Identify each type of filter response in Figure 9-32.

A)Band-pass B)High-pass C)Low-pass D)Band-stop

2. A certain low-pass filter has a critical frequency of 800 Hz. What is its bandwidth?

For this low-pass filter with fc of 800 Hz, the bandwidth is 800Hz.

3. A single-pole high-pass filter has a frequency-selective network with R=2.2 kΩ and C=0.0015µF. What is the critical frequency?

fc=1/2πRC=1/(2π(2200Ω)(.0000000015F))= 48.2kHz

Can you determine the bandwidth from the available information? No.

4. What is the roll-off rate of the filter described in Problem 3?

As a single-pole filter it has a roll-off rate of -20 dB\decade.

5. What is the bandwidth of a band-pass filter whose critical frequencies are 3.2 kHz and 3.9 kHz?


What is the Q of this filter?

Q=fo/BW= √fc1fc2/700Hz= √(3.2×3.9)/700=5.05

6. What is the center frequency of a filter with a Q of 15 and a bandwidth of 1 kHz?

Q=fo/BW 15= fo/1kHz=15kHz

Section 9-2

7. What is the damping factor in each active filter shown in Figure 9-33?

DF=2-R1/R2 a)2- 1.2/1.2=1 b)2- 560/1000=1.44 c)both stage 1&2: 2- 330/1000=1.67

Which filters are approximately optimized for a Butterworth response characteristic?

b)2- 560/1000=1.44

8. For the filters in Figure 9-33 that do not have a Butterworth response, specify the changes necessary to convert them to Butterworth responses.

To get the Butterworth response the filter needs a ratio that is equivalent to 0.586. (R1/R2=0.586)=(R1=0.586R2) a)2- 1.2/1.2=1 R1=0.586(1200)=703.2Ω c)both stage 1&2: 2- 330/1000=1.67 R1=0.586(1000)=586Ω

9. Response curves for second-order filters are shown in Figure 9-34. Identify each as Butterworth, Chebyshev, or Bessel.

(a) Chebyshev (b) Butterworth (c) Bessel…...

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