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Are Full Body Scanners Really Necessary? On December 25, 2009, a Nigerian man attempted to set off a bomb on a Northwest Airlines flight. Fortunately, the bomb failed to detonate, and the plane landed safely. Soon after, President Obama and the Transportation Security Administration responded by heightening airport security measures. They implemented a naked body scanner in addition to the pat-downs to prevent similar plots in the future. The legal controversy over the scanners has continued to grow throughout recent years. Many protestors have voiced their concerns on the scanners, some which include: a violation of privacy rights and the harmful exposure to radiation. Despite the negative views towards the body scanners, they should be used at airports because they are not harmful to our health, and they increase our safety, which is top priority. According to CNN NEWS “The Electronic Privacy Information Center argues that the scanners violate passengers Fourth Amendment rights because, the group claimed, the search is more invasive than necessary to detect weapons or explosives.” (Mike Ahlers) TSA officials have said numerous times that they have created and thought out ways to protect people’s privacy. In a fairly recent speech, “Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole said…the agency is looking at new technology such as body scanners that show passengers as “stick figures” and security methods…to make air travel security as minimally invasive as possible.” (Joseph Weber) The new machines will automatically blur the faces of passengers, and the images will look like skeletons. The TSA has also made sure that two officers are present to work at the same time. The officers are not allowed to bring devices like cell phones or cameras into the room. Some passengers are unaware that they are not even required to be scanned; they have the option…...

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