Different Forms of Discrimantion

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Different Forms of Discrimination
February 01, 2016

Abstract What is considered discrimination? Discrimination is the practice of unfairly treating an individual or group differently from other individuals or groups of people. (Merriam-Webster.) Discrimination is not right or fair to the individuals that are being targeted. We have seen in the last few years that law enforcement officials have been accused of discrimination against minorities especially African-Americans. We will be discussing and comparing three forms of discrimination used today by our policing agencies; institutionalized, contextual and individual acts of discrimination. Our discussion group discussed growing up what races targeted who when committing crimes. The discussion and the data provided by the Department of Justice is almost the same when discussing crimes and what each ethnic group targets to commit the crimes.

Institutionalized Discrimination Institutionalized discrimination refers to the unwarranted and discrimination mistreatment of an individual or group of individuals by society and within the institutions as a whole. (Flat World Knowledge) At times when someone is being discriminated against it can be mindful and intentional by the individual that is doing it. Institutional discrimination is already built into the culture or institution and the individual that is perpetuating the discrimination may not even know that they are doing it. Institutional discrimination is already found in the normal everyday relationships within institutions and its continuance requires individuals to continue everyday business as usual and ignoring the fact that they are discriminating against a certain race. Law enforcement officials may not know that they are doing this because in their daily patrols they only come across a certain race…...

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