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Searching for information:
One of the difficulties I encountered during my internship was to find the information they asked me. Indeed, although the Internet is a wonderful source of information, some are not available, paying or very hard to find. This makes it very easy to get lost in the sources, dates, references; especially ... I struggled to find the business contacts that I had to explore.
The cold-calling:
One task that has been the hardest for me was the cold-calling the hotels. Indeed, for most companies, I only had the phone number of the standard and it was very common for the switchboard does not put me in contact with the services I wanted to contact. Indeed, she receives many calls from the same type per day and often has instructions not to take action. I therefore had to develop a more than convincing arguments for action on my calls.

Lack of feedback:
I basically made small missions that were part of large projects of the agency. Therefore, I have not had the opportunity to see the purpose of my work for my internship ended before these projects end.
Gap Analysis:
As I said before, I had very little feedback on my work and it is very difficult for me to analyze the gap between my targets and concrete achievements.
Nevertheless, my tutor has always seemed happy with my work when I presented what makes me say that I met my goals for this course.

As in many areas within the first weeks in RateTiger were crucial to the success of my internship.
Integrate sales and marketing team of a company, more English, and an industry not known at all requires a commitment and an immediate incentive to quickly become an effective member in a team and not a weak link that slows the chain.
My first days were therefore limited to this, introduce me to all products RateTiger, read the press kits, brochures, visit websites, etc ... After…...

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